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    July AOR (FSW-O)

    Hi, Here are my application details: Single applicant NOC: 2171 CRS: 459 ITA: July 24th AOR: July 3st MEP: August 21st BIL: August 21st VO: London I have called CIC and they said that officers are alright working on my BGC. Does anyone know about the processing speed of the London VO?
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    IELTS EOR - Dubai

    Hi guys, I've taken the IELTS exam 3 times and keep getting a 6.5 in writing. I just applied for an EOR for the last 2 tests on the 1st of May. Here are my initial results: March 30th Listening 8.0 Reading 8.0 Writing 6.5 Speaking 8.5 April 10th Listening 9.0 Reading 8.5 Writing...
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    Post ITA Process

    Hi guys, After ITA and submission of all the documents, will my application be processed in Canada or by the visa office in my country of application?
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    CELPIP Results and Re-evalutation

    Hi all, I've taken the CELPIP exam recently and scored L12 W8 S9 R12. Unfortunately, that isn't good enough as I need a 9 in writing. That being said, I did apply for a re-evaluation but I'm worried that the score wont change. What are your experiences with re-evaluation and how long did it...