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    ADR on eIMM5669 - schedule A & PCC

    asking for a friend: someone i know is stressing out about the fact that they forgot to disclose a visa rejection from France, but they already submitted their app and after 9 months they got ADR for eIMM5669 and new PCC, so the concern is: should they disclose it now on the new request? will...
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    Living with a canadian citizen abroad?

    hi can someone please enlighten me? if someone has PR card but they have work outside canada, but their spouse is canadian citizen living with them abroad, will they lose their PR?
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    sent a webform last month and received a reply

    hi, i sent a webform last month inquiring about whether or not they received my husbands application or not. i am the sponsor and hes the applicant applying outland. i received an email from them wanting me to send them my name, dob and his name and dob, which is fine, but along with these they...
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    Returning Canadians, how to transfer money and gold

    hi i have a question for returning canadian who has lived and worked outside canada for a while and would like to go back to canada. How can they transfer their money (big amounts from end of service, will canada gov question that?) also how can i travel with the gold i have? will i be...
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    visit visa

    hey guys. i already submitted my husbands spousal on Aug and i still havent received anything. anyway, i was thinking to apply for a tourist visa for him whilst we have an application ongoing. i am aware that having a spousal application ongoing wont make the visit visa easier, but will it be a...
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    webform related

    hi can i send a webform just to make sure that IRCC has received my application? application sent 27-Jul-20 and no update until now.
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    visit visa

    i am sponsoring my husband and both of us live outside canada, we are thinking to visit our family in canada. i am aware that me as a citizen i can go back whenever i want, but if my husband applied for a visit visa and got denied for whatever reason, would that affect our spousal sponsorship...
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    how to link my application to my account

    hi how do i link my application to my account? note i have created an account in the cic website also, should the sponsor link it? or the applicant?
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    will visa refusal affect sponsorship?

    my husband applied for a study visa 7 years ago but got rejected, will that affect our spousal sponsorship now?
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    Hi Guys this thread is for whoever submitted or will submit their application in Jul 2020, I am planning to submit mine in 3 days GOOD LUCK
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    Will be sending my application within this week

    Hi Finally, after working on this application for the longest time (since i have a busy schedule), I am gonna be sending it this week! i will pay the full amount today and in a couple of days I am going to mail it. I am aware that COVID19 might delay the AOR, but i have high hopes that after a...
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    spousal sponsorship proof of financial support and move there once PR is issued

    hi i am a Canadian citizen residing outside of Canada applying for my husband under the family sponsorship program, i am almost done with my application, but i am wondering on how can i prove to them the financial support and intent to move once my husband gets his PR? i already attached my...