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  1. withhardshipcomesease

    Looking for work in Cape Breton, NS

    Hi, I'm looking to get my brother-in-law employment here with the eventual goal of getting PR status.. Is there anyone here who lives in cb and knows of any resources ( outside of the online job banks) in finding an employer willing to hire someone from abroad? His profession is...
  2. withhardshipcomesease

    Test / Interview at Sydney NS office?

    Does anyone know of cases where people from Sydney applied for citizenship? was the test taken at the Sydney office or did they have to go to Halifax for it?
  3. withhardshipcomesease

    May 2018 - Citizenship Applicants

    Hey everyone ! Single applicant File sent: April 30 Delivered: May 1 Physical presence: 1136 City: Sydney NS (I'm literally a 2 minute drive from the CPC but I still had to mail the application)
  4. withhardshipcomesease

    Option C

    I requested my 2013 Option C form, and was informed by mail today that there is no information available for 2013.. Would it be fine to send the 2012 form? or, how will I know when my 2013 info will be available?