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    Visa rejection after passport request?

    Can u share your email id. I want to contact you for some advise for applying sowp at the same time of study visa
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    Medical Request sowp

    Did you get your spouse PPR. I got remedical request tdy applied last sept
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    Upfront Medical Exam for Common Law Partner through EE FSW?

    Hey m in same situation. Can u help on this topic. What u did
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    OINP Notification of interest received but ee profile close to expiring

    They will not take 30 to 60 days to approve. They gave my nomination in 7 days. When they approved its valid for 6 month. If its under process when profile expired asked them to link new profile with onip. They will do. But if u inland they will not take so long to approve . Mine was under...
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    Principal Applicant (Inland) Dependent (Outland) during COVID-19

    I got invitation under cec pnp. Spouse outland . Any idea how long it takes .
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    CEC application- removing representative

    Did you get through from this
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    Work permit convicted with DUI

    Hey … i got the same can we talk. Are you got PR
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    Onip skilled trade timelines

    Applied - july 10 Assesment -july 14 Dip- july 16
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    OINP selection from Express Entry profile

    I applied under ontario skilled trade. Applied - july 10 Assesement - july 14 Dip- july 17 Now how long it takes for approval. As i see my upper two stage are changed very quickly
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    Missed Ontario PNP Interest Letter

    If they dont provide you again i suggest you to make new EE. Because onip always covers applicants from last one year a day when draw happns
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    Missed Ontario PNP Interest Letter

    I heard that one guy withdraw onip file bymistake and he email to onip and they fixed that mistake . So try to email to onip and tell them i forgot to accept due to any reason. May b they provide you again.
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    >>>>>> 2021 TR to PR Pathway AOR & Timelines <<<<<< Join here

    I thinks that condition is for them who applied under stream a or b
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    >>>>>> 2021 TR to PR Pathway AOR & Timelines <<<<<< Join here

    35000 to 40000 applications will be processed before 31 december 2021 by TRV and family class visa officers. Update from officials through zoom meeting
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    >>>>>> 2021 TR to PR Pathway AOR & Timelines <<<<<< Join here

    I just talked to ircc CC. He said dont expect aor for 3 to 4 months. Conclusion is ircc just need money at this time . They dont care about processing
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    >>>>>> 2021 TR to PR Pathway AOR & Timelines <<<<<< Join here

    How we can withdraw application without aor