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  1. spyfy

    Can an international student start bussiness during the university?

    As I said, I did't incorporate. So yes it was a sole proprietorship. I was not in BC, however immigration is a federal matter (outside of quebec). So who is allowed to work in what capacity or not should be the same in all provinces (Quebec is a bit different as usual).
  2. spyfy

    Dual citizenship for my daughter

    You are making a common misunderstanding, namely that you can decide if your daughter is a dual citizen or not. That is not the case. Assuming that you (as the Canadian parent) were yourself born in Canada or received Canadian Citizenship by applying for it and you were a Canadian citizen the...
  3. spyfy

    Can an international student start bussiness during the university?

    I didn't incorporate or anything, so my business didn't involve any shareholders etc. I simply registered my business with the CRA. The only thing you need is a SIN. My SIN started with a 9 back then and there weren't any problems. This will be very tricky. You need proof that the work you did...
  4. spyfy

    question 13- immigration status

    I don't think you need to list tourist visas. Similarly, B1/B2 in the states only allows you to visit, so no need to list. Always use the date in the actual passport. No matter if you received a new one before that.
  5. spyfy

    Can an international student start bussiness during the university?

    Just to confirm, you are not a permanent resident but on a study permit, right? And you are concerned if later it will be a problem with your PR application. In any case, this is exactly what I did: I was on a study permit with off-campus work permit. I already had a SIN due to another job. I...
  6. spyfy

    Shifting to Canada with PR validity less than 1.5 years

    As the others said, even moving now is pushing your luck. But going to Canada, getting lucky and making it in without being reported you would be crazy to leave right away again. If (IF!) you make it in unreported, don't leave for two years straight. Not once.
  7. spyfy

    PR card problem

    I think you are mixing up losing your PR card and losing your status. These are two different things. If you actually lost your PR status (which is a long and intricate process started if you seem to be in breach of the 730 day rule), then yes, your citizenship application would be cancelled...
  8. spyfy

    Residency count after getting a new PR card

    If I read your description right, you are currently not in Canada. How do you intend to travel there to pick up your card? You will not be able to board a flight to Canada without a PR card or PRTD. Regarding date, as the others said above.
  9. spyfy

    Citizenship Application pre-submission questions

    1. obviously one can both work and study at the same time. Overlap is totally fine. Only gaps are a problem. In other words: You can have a month in which you did 10 things at the same time, just make sure that you have no month where you didn't do anything. 2. You are not giving enough details...
  10. spyfy

    Renewal of PR Card while citizenship is in Process

    There are a lot of answers about PR card renewal in the "Permanent Residency Obligations" section of the forum This should be answered there, if not it's better to post the question there...
  11. spyfy


    To help the OP, I have one question of clarification: Applying for a PRTD is still the bigger gamble though, right? What I mean is: The flight-to-US-then-land-border route might mean that he gets reported, but still he is guaranteed to make it to Canada since they will let him in even if...
  12. spyfy

    Time of the day AOR being sent??

    I highly recommend to abandon the drug of checking the status of your citizenship application daily, both now (while waiting for AOR) and later (when you can access the status on ECAS). Check at most once a week. You will go insane otherwise. Take it from someone who has just reached the other end.
  13. spyfy

    May 2019 Citizenship Application

    This is just a service announcement from someone who has gone through the process: Please don't start to put any meaning into the names that your application was received by. That's the first step to insanity. In case you are wondering what the second step to insanity is: That is checking your...
  14. spyfy

    C-6 Citizenship Applications, Frequently Asked Questions

    10: Only addresses where you actually LIVED, so not vacation destinations etc. 11: Only things like work, unemployment, self-emploed, studying. No need to list vacations. You were still employed when you went on vacation. Only the bio page of your passports: "photocopies of biographic pages of...
  15. spyfy

    Passport photo from walmart says signature of official not guarantor

    Luckily, Walmart is not the authority on passport photos. It is IRCC that is the authority on passport photos. IRCC says that anyone qualifying as a guarantor can sign. And that is what counts. In other words: Ignore what Walmart says. They are just Walmart in the end :)
  16. spyfy

    Passport 'after' Citz Oath Application

    Also, the specifications for passport photos are more strict than the specifications for citizenship photos. Most importantly, your citiyenship photos are likely too old. So even if you have leftover copies of your citizenship photos, don't use them for the passport application.
  17. spyfy

    Limited Validity passport

    This is answered on the website of the embassy of Canada in the Philippines The quote is below. But I really want to encourage you to simply contact the embassy. They don't...
  18. spyfy

    March - 2018 Citizenship Applicants

    lol There are all kinds of questions in the test. Could be anything really. Names, dates... Note: Generally, the options to choose from are not crazy close. For example, when they ask you "What year was confederation", the options would NOT be "1865 or 1866 or 1867 or 1868". Instead, the...
  19. spyfy

    Limited Validity passport

    I would suggest that you contact the Canadian embassy in the Phillipines. This is the kind of stuff they can help you out with.
  20. spyfy

    What is citizenship grant?

    The links that @JPBless lists above are definitely a good idea. About your question specifically: You don't have to leave Canada to apply for PR. Many people file Express Entry applications from within the country. There is nothing wrong with that.