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    applying for bowp in a week before expired current visa

    Hello, I'm a CEC applicant with AOR 27MAY. My closed work permit will be expired on 16Jan2021 and I'm thinking to apply for BOWP of course before then. Is it Okay to apply in the first week of January? or Is it too late? I just want to wait COPR as long as possible in this month but I'm worried...
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    applying for BOWP while pr processing

    Hi, guys. I'm qurious about my visa status in the near future. Here's my current status. LMIA closed work permit since Jan 2019 (expired date Jan 2021) ITA - APR 2020 under CEC (included lmia points 50 ) AOR - MAY 2020 Medical passed & biometric requested - JUL 2020 Estimated application...