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  1. Krissh2179

    VFS Mumbai Passport Stamping Total time

    Hey just wanted to have an estimate on how long it has taken for those who have submitted their passports at VFS Mumbai from date of submission to get it stamped and returned back to them. Thanks in advance.
  2. Krissh2179

    Any new paper applicants (Jan & Feb 2019) manage to successfully link application before AOR?

    Headline says it all. Just Curious and would like to know if someone recently managed to do it.
  3. Krissh2179

    Anyone applying for Outland Spousal PR Feb 2019?

    Dont see a lot of activity in Feb 2019 potential applicants. Is there already a group established?
  4. Krissh2179

    February 2019 Spousal PR Applicants (Outland)

    This thread is for all the applicants who are going to apply in February 2019.
  5. Krissh2179

    Applying for TRV soon. Chances of refusal?

    Hi. I am planning to visit my girlfriend in Canada soon who is a Canadian citizen. I have been in a long distance relationship for the past 10 months with her and want to meet her soon. Now I have a few queries I would like to clear out before applying. Firstly, I can obtain a letter of invite...