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    PR card track

    Type: landing Place: Kingston Time: 24 Nov 2019 PR card received: waiting
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    >>>>>>>NOVEMBER 2019 PPR to COPR<<<<<<< Join here

    Starting a new thread for our candidates who are so lucky that we can have ppr in Nov and send the pp to the visa office, waiting for the copr. Normally it will take 3weeks to approval and another 2-7 days to have our copr and ppt back, some people are so lucky that already had their approval...
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    PPR to PR CARD Journey - PPR in Nov-19

    VO - Ottawa | PPR - 4th Nov 2019 | Passport Received - 5th Oct 2019 | Application Approved - ? | COPR Received - ? Landing - ? PR Card - ?
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    Share my timeline in Sydeny visa office

    · ITA RECEIVED - 06/03/2019 · AOR DATE - 07/03/2019 · MEP DATE - 18/04/2019 · 1ST GHOST UPDATE - 16/05/2019 VO - SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA PASSPORT RECEIVED in Ottawa - 5/11/2019 PASSPORT SENT - 4/11/2019 PPR - 4/11/2019 2ND GHOST UPDATE - 31/10/2019 CALLED CIC - 31/10/2019 ELIGIBILITY - PASS...
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    Update: The file is currently in the queue for final review by an Officer

    got a donotreply reply from cic: "The file is currently in the queue for final review by an Officer. You will be contacted in due course." any idea? aor 3.7 My friend got a similar reply without the "final" word, the extra "final" means more? Just security left, does this email show it passed...
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    Ordered Notes here, my duties reviewed is good?

    In the end, from the notes, it said: " I reviewed this application, found bla bla.......... provides a job description which is consistent with the lead statement and main duties as set out in the declared NOC category...." Does it mean my job main duty is correctly written in the employment...
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    Job worries and share timeline, not done yet

    :oops:Should I worry about my job NOC / Salary / Duty? since I pass eligibility. o_OWill they come back to question the effectiveness of my job? :(What is your opinion about Sydney? :rolleyes:When can I get ppr? · ITA RECEIVED - 06/03/2019 · AOR DATE - 07/03/2019 · MEP DATE - 18/04/2019 ·...
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    ANYBODY KNOWS DS20272 OR PJ00206

    case processing center, never seen before, but my note shows my case and my friend's case om this 2 locations, thanks!
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    NOTES Received will be the reason of ghost update?

    2019 CEC inland timeline: ITA: 3.7 AOR: 3.8 1ST ORDER NOTE:4.16 MEP/IP2:4.18 2ND ORDER NOTE:5.4 1ST NOTE RECEIVED: 5.16 1ST GHOST UPDATE: 5.16 Got ghost update today and received my notes ordered on 16 April too, is any connection between them? thanks.
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    AOR 7april mep today

    its Been 43 days and after mep it jumped into ip2 phase, should I expect a shorter processing period or just a fantasy
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    Anybody have AOR in March 2019 through CEC, please gather here and leave message to discuss.