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    Criminality before or after eligibility

    According to IRCC agent two weeks ago criminality was passed and eligibility is not started. But when I called yesterday, they said eligibility is passed and criminality is not started. What does this mean? If criminality is based on PCCs and biometrics, I think I have provided everything and...
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    Dear All! After reading a large number of posts, I have noticed that more than 50% of applicants contact IRCC within 2-3 months of their AOR. This curiosity is developed because of inadequate status updates on IRCC portal as well as the unreliable/confusing ghost updates generated from time to...
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    IRCC calling - Automatic voice message

    Hi, Before the call is connected to an agent, there is usually an automatic voice message which exactly tells our application status as according to the portal rite. Does it skip any stages? Like Eligibility or Medical? @legalfalcon
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    Two ECAs under one reference number - WES

    Hi all is it possible to do ECA for bachelors under the same WES reference number which was used to assess a Master degree? I’m trying to do the master degree first to earn more points
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    Need advice! Claiming points for Pre qualification experience

    Hi there I have a degree in mechanical engineering followed by 3 year work experience , followed by a master degree. Can I show my master degree as the highest qualification and claim points for pre-qualification work experience?