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    GCMS/CAIPS Notes

    Can anyone tell me please where i can order my GCMS notes?
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    Visitor Visa Refused

    Hi Me and my mother applied the visitor visa on 31st October paper application in Delhi. I have linked my paper application to online on the Same day. Yesterday we got a message that your application has been updated. Then i logged into my mother account, her visa was approved and then i logged...
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    Review of eligibility

    Hi I have submitted the TRV which is paper application in Delhi VFS and after 2 days i have linked my paper application into online. Today my review of eligibility has started. I have a question that how much time does it take to get the final decision.
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    TRV Applications OCT/NOV India

    Anyone who have applied in October or November?
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    October TRV India

    Any October TRV results out here?
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    TRV Applications India

    Anyone with the October TRV results?
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    October TRV

    Any October applicants got their results?
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    October results

    Anyone who has applied in the month of October and got the results?
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    Recent visas

    Any update on recent results for TRV visas.. kindly share... new delhi, India
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    Recent visas

    Did anyone receive the visa recently?
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    Refusal letter

    Hi everyone , I have a question that i had a refusal of Canada last year and i still have that refusal letter. However I'm applying again and i have mentioned the previous refusal in my TRV application column. I have a question that do I need to provide my refusal letter or not?