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    Date on Citizenship certificate?

    Is there a date on the citizenship certificate? is that the date you take the oath? I'm asking because I'm going to sign my passport application form tomorrow and wait for my certificate (took oath today). Will that be a problem if I date the passport application form before receiving the...
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    Did we take picture of driver license or PR card

    Did we take picture of driver's license or PR card during the citizenship test? I forgot... could someone remind me? Thanks.
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    new PR card not received yet

    need to attend Oath but I only have the old expired PR card with, new PR card didn't reach my previous address (I used my friend address). Do I still need to use "Solemn Declaration" form to declared the unreceived card (if anyone has done this form)? thanks!
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    oath ceremony: two piece of IDs

    "2 pieces of personal identification (ID): one must have your photograph and signature on it" in BC, our driver's license and health card are combined with one card, what 2nd ID can I use at the ceremony? foreign passport? PR card? Thanks!
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    how many times can you postpone citizenship test/oath?

    Is that every time an exact date is given? how many times can you request postpone of test/oath?
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    IRCC could combine virtual tests/oath together...

    take test/interview/oath all in one shot this way they could save 50% of time arranging two things separately... Is this a brilliant idea?
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    if virtual test is not conducted, the whole process just piles up

    test seems to be the holding bottleneck now, and cases will just pile up from there.
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    what's wrong with IRCC processing time?

    I've never seen anything that slow in this decade, where AI/ML prevails in other parts of the world.
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    Has processing resumed?

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    Has anyone used web form to check citizenship pause?

    Just wanna check if anyone happened to have checked in with IRCC about if they are still processing citizenship now? Thanks.
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    Is citizenship application still being processed under COVID19?

    Anyone got AOR/IP/Test/Oath these days? I feel like all immigration officers are staying on home now.
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    on what day do they usually schedule test and ceremony?

    Mon-Fri? no weekend?
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    Is test date negotiable?

    What if I'm abroad and can't make it to the test date? how is that possible to change the test date? has anyone done that before? Thanks
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    Can you sponsor parents if you are abroad?

    If I meet all the requirements as a sponsor, but right now residing abroad, can I still sponsor parents? or is there a requirement that I have to live in Canada to be the sponsor? Thank you
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    Can package be returned after AOR?

    Hi I plan to move and change address after AOR to make sure my package, if returned, won't be lost. but is there any chance that package gets returned after AOR, and at what stage/condition will it be returned? Thanks
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    Is test notice and ceremony notice sent via mail or email?

    Hi, I know that AOR is sent to email if I opt to have email in application? How about test notice and ceremony notice? email or mail? I am planning to move around, but don't wanna miss test notice if it's sent via regular mail Thanks!
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    Can you apply for citizenship from overseas ?

    My friend asked me an unusual question: "After completing the eligibility period, can someone move to another country and just apply citizenship from there after, even 6 months or so?" My answer is yes, there is no requirement to send in the package from within Canada, right ? you can...
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    how soon will your package be returned if incomplete?

    I understand AOR takes about 2~3 months, but how soon will they return your package after delivery if something's incomplete? like a month or so? Thanks!
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    change address if package is returned?

    in the guide, it noted: "Note: Canada Post’s Mail Forwarding Service does not forward parcels and a citizenship application package is considered a parcel. If we need to return your application package to you because it is incomplete, the package will be returned to us instead of being...
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    two pieces of identification?

    photocopies of two (2) pieces of personal identification: I can simply use: my passport and my driver license. that's it? I guess 90% of people will simply use this two if they have driver license, right? no need to send in any other ID? Thanks,