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    The upcoming war in Ukraine against Russia!

    Hello there. Hope this finds you well. Your family members cannot be refugees until when they leave Ukraine.Please read: Who is a refugee? A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of...
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    The strike is officially over.

    Now visa applications will be processes normally as VO officers will resume work.The question is though: How is CIC possibly going to deal with the accumulated applications? People have been waiting for Months now.
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    The strike is officially over.

    News 26 September 2013 - Canada’s Foreign Service Officers Reach Tentative Agreement with Federal Government The Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers is pleased to announce that a tentative agreement has been reached with the Treasury Board of Canada to end our six-month labour...
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    I applied for Refugee status but...

    Hey During the refugee status determination(RSD) hearing(interview) you need to talk about your family and their whereabouts.There is no problem for them visiting you.Are(were) they recognise refugees?If so, and you all fled for the same reasons, you should apply for family reunification.Both...
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    Isn't the strike over ? PLEASE ADVICE

    It's still on and is affecting mainly PR applicants.Search "PAFSO-APASE" on face book for latest developments.
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    May i know what AOR stands for?It keeps on coming up.Thanks
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    The system doesn't allow me to post links. Please go to cic home page and select processing time. The check different application categories to know the time. Even if the strike ends soon,as all signs show, the backlog is now considerably big. They will need time to clear matters up before they...
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    Thanks very much Klmy for the reply. I understand that officers are working on a work-to-rule basis since they are no longer on strike but applications process time has gone super high. The process time used to be 15 Months for the people in my category but that number has just been shifted up...
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    Hi there. Thanks for keeping this thread alive. How badly is Singapore visa office affected by the strike? Are there people getting their Visas from SVO?Especially permanent resident visas? Are there still processing them?Or is everything put on hold as is the case in other offices around the...
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    Visa Application Status in Singapore Office

    Hi, My file was sent to Singapore in early November 2012. I have not heard from Singapore since then. I thought applications were affected by the strike but it seems that Singapore office is not that very affected. My application status reads "Application received" since September 2012. Can you...
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    Visa, Visa, Visa

    Delays in processing applications are due to the PAFSO strike. Many immigration officers are not working and the situation is getting tougher and tougher. Like PAFSO-APASE face book page to know more. There several people who have reported getting their visas from New Dheli. Especially very...
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    PAFSO-APASE Immigration officers strike

    Thanks Leo. How can i get to SVO info in this forum?I am new here,i am still learning how to access certain pages but something new always pop out:) My bad!!!Again thanks
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    PAFSO-APASE Immigration officers strike

    My file has been in Singapore from Canada since November 2012 for Permanent Residence visa. I have not heard from them since.Is this because of the PAFSO strike?Are there people getting their applications processed in Singapore now days? Let's share share info please. many thanks for you...
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    PR Visa application status

    Hello there, My PR visa application ( Humanitarian category) reads "Application received on.../We received your null on(date)". What does the statement "We received your null " means? Many thanks for your explanation.