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  1. foodie69

    Letter to IRCC Minister on citizenship delay - PLEASE JOIN IN SENDING THIS

    In my eyes you all are already proper Canadians..moaning and complaining all day long.
  2. foodie69

    Anyone can share the email to reschedule the oath ceremony for Scarborough Office?

    You'd be surprised how many idiots there are on this planet...
  3. foodie69

    Anyone can share the email to reschedule the oath ceremony for Scarborough Office?

    That is common sense. The last thing I want as an IRCC officer is my name being out there. Think of all the nutcases trying to bother me
  4. foodie69

    Do CELPIP then..
  5. foodie69

    Free online remote internships in Canada?

    Good luck in Germany then..
  6. foodie69

    Free online remote internships in Canada?

    Study visa?
  7. foodie69

    Urgent!! Is this job offer a scam or not

    Come on dude..use your brain!
  8. foodie69

    How to check LMIA?

    Don't be gullible..fake. 11 grand a month? :rolleyes:
  9. foodie69

    Housing crisis in Canada

    That is what I said. You just painted the same situation pink.. of course you sell your house and move to somewhere cheap. But they are still leaving their familiar surroundings and start somewhere new. Some do it voluntarily, others because of not being able to afford their house any longer.
  10. foodie69

    Am looking for Job opportunities in Canada as male caregiver

    No jobs here. This is a immigration website. You may want to start here to see if you qualify.
  11. foodie69

    how to check LMIA letter

    Because 99.9% are fake. Just trust us.
  12. foodie69

    Re: First PR card

    mine took 3.5 month to arrive..But that was many years ago.
  13. foodie69

    Housing crisis in Canada

    Sure works for me...but! Property taxes go up as well and I know a lot of older people, 70+ that struggle to pay the tax on their multi million dollar houses in Vancouver. If you are on CPP only, it does not look exciting and they have to sell and leave their neighborhood of 40 odd years.
  14. foodie69

    What is the entry point from usa to Vancouver.

    How to go to Vancouver? You drive across the border.. but I guess that is not the answer you are looking for. We need more details.. what is the purpose of going north? For how long? Etc etc
  15. foodie69

    Car insurance in Newfoundland

    I pay $65 a month in PEI..Full cover
  16. foodie69

    Need help in choosing a career in canada.

    Only you know what you want. How can we know what your are good at? Write down the pro's and con's and take it from there.
  17. foodie69

    Job Offer

    Do not waste your time.. If you want to spend some money, send it to me instead. I can't help you either, but I will invest it in wine and beer.
  18. foodie69

    16 year old wants to move in with my family in canada.

    When I was 16 I was in love too.. and since then, a lot of different loves have come and go. Why don't you do a long distance relationship instead until he is old enough? That is a good way of finding out if he is the right one or not.
  19. foodie69


    If you have a LMIA, you are already in Canada working and not in your home country.