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    Post e-APR Process and Common Reasons for Rejection

    Hi, My husband is the primary applicant. Since we are not claiming points for my work experience, we mentioned it as zero and have included it in the personal history. However we failed to include an loe for the same. Aor was on may 4. Will this be a problem? Thanks!
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    May 2018 AOR - join here

    My AOR is 4th May
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    May 2018 AOR - join here

    Please send me the link to join the group
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    Work Experience clarification

    Hi all, I have been working with my current company since June 2013. The company refuses to give r&r, in the reference letter. A team lead of mine can provide me a reference. But he left the company in Dec 2016. I don't have anyone else in the team, who has stayed on during this entire period...
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    Please tell me if it is acceptable for an ex-colleague to provide a reference letter for my experience in the company I am currently working in? I have been with the same company since Jun 2013 and my colleague (team-lead) left the company in Dec 2016. There is no one else who I know and I am...
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    Reference Letter

    Hi All, Please tell me if this is acceptable. I have been working with my company for the past 4.5 years. But there is no one left in the company, with whom i would feel comfortable enough to ask for a reference letter. My former team lead left the company in Dec 2016. Can he provide the...