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  1. fazal_81

    Tourist visa.application- letter from MP .

    Contacted my local MP at his office number. A lady answered seems to be assistant. She sent me a document checklist. Which is same as I used. How to get a letter of support?
  2. fazal_81

    Visa declined on border

    I second everything you said Ahsan. Just recently my sis in laws visa got denied from Saudi. She works full time there and just wanted to visit her sister
  3. fazal_81

    Visa form 5257

    Please copy the link and open in internet explorer. It will open for sure. Download IE if you don’t have.
  4. fazal_81

    Applied from pakistan june visit visa

    Hi everyone, Assalam alaikum. I want to apply for my sister in law in Pakistan Islamabad. Confused between applying online or paper based. She lost her previous passport and she has FIR. Please give your input and share your experience what you guys suggest?
  5. fazal_81

    Re-Application of TRV Visa after rejection - Please assist

    Hi Beatrice, I didn’t read all the comments but I saw your post. So you’ve a valid US visa, in my opinion you’re eligible to apply in Can+ category by clicking this option on document checklist specific four your country where you’ll apply from and show them your US Visa stamp. I am copy...
  6. fazal_81

    Riyadh VO- email subject “Recall msg” after refusal email.

    I just realized the screenshot didn’t paste. I am pasting the text here. The subject says: Recall: Application Decision Letter ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: <————> Date: Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 8:55 AM Subject: Recall: Application Decision Letter To...
  7. fazal_81

    Riyadh VO- email subject “Recall msg” after refusal email.

    Salam everyone. My sis in law applied for Canadian visit visa in Saudi Arabia Riyadh. I sent her invitation letter. Today it got refused after 3 weeks. Status also says refused. She got an email from Ryadh visa office that it got refused. Then same letter from migration officer that it’s...
  8. fazal_81

    TRV from Pakistan

    I also want to apply for wife’s sister from Pakistan. Still confused if I should apply online or paper application. The biggest concern is her 2 previous passports are lost. Don’t know how to give travel history .
  9. fazal_81

    LVO Applicants July 01, 2011 FSW Applicants_MI 3

    Hello howre you? How's everything at your end?
  10. fazal_81

    London Visa Office

    Re: GCMS notes It will not effect your application at all.
  11. fazal_81

    London Visa Office

    MashaÁllah Mubarak ho. Alhamdulillah your wait is over. So will you leave for good or wait little. where are you residing currently?
  12. fazal_81

    London Visa Office

    Best of luck.
  13. fazal_81

    LVO Applicants July 01, 2011 FSW Applicants_MI 3

    Good to hear from you after a very long time Ovais. Hope you're doing well. I am in Toronto these days. Regards. Fazal
  14. fazal_81

    Open my own bakery

    Hi, Nileshrm I also have same inquiry. My wife also wants to start a baking business. I'll share any ideas I've and you can share yours. Regards. Fazal.
  15. fazal_81


    Dear all forum members, Good day to you all. I am not new in this forum but this thread is new to me. I really liked this thread and it seems very very helping. I applied for Immigration under fswp in March 2011. And got PR visas in March 2015. Landed in Toronto on 1st May, 2015. Lived for one...
  16. fazal_81

    start a small business in canada

    I am not new to this forum, but I am new to this thread. I am also looking for business opportunities in Canada. looking forward for your suggestions. My wife wants to start Cakes business and I want to start student consultancy. Thanks in advance. Regards. Fazal.
  17. fazal_81

    Starting a catering business as a foreigner

    My wife wants to start Cakes business as she bakes very good. If you guys have any idea on how to start, please share it and I'll share my experiences. Thanks.
  18. fazal_81

    Child Tax Benefit confusion

    I became PR in May 2015. I came back to Saudi Arabia after landing and staying for one month, completed some of my important tasks in Saudia and just now shifted back to Canada for good but my family (wife and 2 daughters age 6 and 2 and half) is still in Saudi Arabia. I came before so that I...