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    Benefits prior to citizenship application.

    Hi. I hope this finds you all in good health. Looking for some clarifications....came across a few random statements that said one must not be a recipient of public benefits or income support of some sort 12months prior to the citizenship application... Is this true? I have not found any written...
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    Accomodation in Hamilton or surroundings.

    Hi. We are a family of three (2 adults and a 2yr old) coming back to Canada in November 2019 (we made a short landing stayed 3months with relatives). Looking for a 2 bed or 1+ den apartment in Hamilton or surrounding areas. Public transport access is a must. Learning center/park is a bonus...
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    Work experience letter without supervisors signature

    As long as it comes on the company letter head with company's contact are ok.
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    Received Passport Request but unable to send passport as currently out of the country

    This is alarming. Normally you et 30days max to send passports anywhere. If you had told london visa office via email...they would have replied within 2 working days. Not sure if you missed the email. But after 30days the offer to send passport expires and its back to square one. I really hope...
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    Better to pay down loans or keep a high bank account balance?

    Meet the threshold to apply for immigration first. Send off your statement to cic and then start paying back your loan. Having a loan...specially student not a hinderance.
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    When to move funds without exposing myself to taxes?

    Goods to follow thing is only valid for 1 year. It is the same for finances. Be it from selling a house or business etc. You will be required ti oay taxes on any income you acquire after becoming a PR..which is effective when you complete your landing.
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    Landing at Halifax, Nova Scotia rather than Brampton, Ontario

    Or...get someone to post your pr card to you in the usa..once it arrives.
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    Landing at Halifax, Nova Scotia rather than Brampton, Ontario

    If you are entering visa land need to use a private car. Rented or otherwise. Public transport can not let you boars without your pr card....just like a airline wont let you boars without pr card. You can come back through land border using copr and private car.
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    PPR for Spouse who resides in Different Country

    You are right. Your husband can submit in Bangladesh but cic needs to send you the forms. Call them up. Normally this does not take long at all. If you call them and draw their attention to it...might be quicker.
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    Entering Canada on PR with Pregnant wife

    You absolutley have to inform cic. It says on their website that you must inform of any change in your circumstances. Having a a change in circumstances. Your application can take a while and if your wofe guves birth in india you will need to once again return and regain visa
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    how to extend the validity of the landing visa

    You wont get a visa extension. Cic will ask you to surrender visas and apoly at a suitable time again. Its best to soft land. You can pick a weekend to labd and be back as the working week starts.
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    Received PPR but medical has already expired

    It is very normal for medicals to be extended. You can find this by ordering notes or simply calling cic.
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    visa office is processing my application ?

    The ready for visa email will have a address that will tell you. And also there is a link on cic page where it says what nationality if processed at which office. Also do you really need extension?? If you are can email back on the same email...and ask them ti change your...
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    CPCO-FinalRequest extension request

    You do not have to have an extension. You can simply ask cic to change your visa offixe for stamping. And you can give your passport for stamping at a location where you are. It is completley legal. And many people have done this successfully. So you need to send a reply to the email you got...
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    Applying for Canada PR after ITA without PCC

    You cant skip the PCC. You need to provide one. With a criminal record or without. If you dont want to provide a pcc from need to explain the reasons in a Letter of Explaination (LOE).
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    Question about police certificate

    It doesnt matter. You need a police certificate from Australia in any case. Its best that you take it while you are in the country...its less work. Dont be confused by the language. We got all our police certifiates before we left the country and they were accepted and approved accordingly.
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    Short Landing - don't know anybody in Canada... help!

    Some people have had trouble linking cards to addresses. Best bet is to call you did to check the status of application...and choose the option of 'change of address'...once you do that on the can then access the online form and add the address you want.
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    Pakistani Applicants for Express Entry, Let's Network Here

    1. Yes. But if your salary is should be mentioned on your payslips. And you will need to point out the deposites of salary that you would have made inti your bank account after recieving cash salary. 2. Yes. You must show ths required amount. You will need to have had this amount saved...
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    Adding Spouse to an active application

    1. Yes. If you get a passport request after marriage but do not notify cic of your marriage and will nt be able to sponsor your wife. So, it is better to add her on to your file as soon as. Even if your wife will not accompany you straight away...add her to your file and do the PR...