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    SAP Jobs in Canada

    HI, I have Canada PR, I am currently working in US in SAP FICO (on H1B). I got my PR in 2014 sep and will expire in 2019 sep. I have 2+yrs left to move to canada . I don't see many jobs on SAP FICO or any SAP jobs in any of the job portals (Indeed, workopolis, monster etc). I am not sure...
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    Transit visa (Canada PR holders)

    Hi My question may look weird, but I want to confirm once before travel we Live in USA and have Canadian PR, My wife is travelling to India via toronto. does she need to carry etA or Transit visa during layover thank you.
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    SAP Consultant - Job Search - Join this thread

    Hi I am working in US on SAP FICO for the last 7yrs, recently got my Canada PR and planning to move to Canad. Can anyone please guide me how the SAP market is in Canada? Is it good idea to move to Canada, leaving job in US? Crazysun
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    Supplementary Identification Form -- Urgent pls

    HI I have received a mail from CIC to attend 'in person' with IMM5445 Form and 2 photographs. "This letter is being sent to inform you that the photographs submitted on the day you received PR status does not comply with our photo-specification. Your pr card cannot be issued without a proper...
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    I am worried... din't receive my PR card yet..

    hmm, its morethan 8 weeks now.. lets see. In case, If I dont receive the PR card in the next 2 weeks, can I contact anybody on this?? Crazysun
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    I am worried... din't receive my PR card yet..

    I was told... it takes 4-6weeks to receive the PR card but it's been 9 weeks since I landed in canada (i am not in canada returned back to US) is there any way to contact? Crazysun
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    Anyone has received PR card recently

    I did not receive my PR card yet. its been 6 weeks since I land in Canada. normally how long it is taking now? I saw it is 39 days in the website but it is more than 39 days in my case. Please let me know if someone received their PR card recently and how many days it took. Thanks
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    How long it takes to get the PR card

    Hi Approx how long it takes to receive the PR card? we have landed on sep 1st, and I still didn't receive my PR card. thanks
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    Landed .... (used AVR to return back to US)

    Hi, I am very happy to share the news that I have landed successfully in Canada. Landed by road through Alexander-bay border. the process was very simple and took hardly 15min. The visa officer was so nice and responded well. As I have no valid visa in my passport used Automatic Visa...
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    Very Urgent..

    hi, ' We are planning to cross the border tomorrow, just now I noticed that the 'Country of Residence' in my wife's CPR is India, but she is living with me in US since 3yrs and at the time I filed my application she was in India. does it cause any issues at POE?? please let me know Crazysun
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    I should fill and carry all the required forms (PR card form, goods to follow form etc.) or they will give the forms to fill?
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    Thank you. I will be crossing the border here but I dont see the working days/hours in the site. Crazysun
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    Hi. I am planning to land this weekend by road and want to come back immediately. Do I need to apply for SIN? is this mandatory or I can return back immediately after landing without applying for SIN?? this Q may be silly ... still the border port of entry is 24/7 right? are there anything...
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    Passports received today

    hmm, then i have no other choice, i should go with family :)
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    Passports received today

    Thank you, Can i land alone now ? or do I need to land with family?? (visa expiry date is oct 2nd 2014)
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    Passports received today

    please someone clarify on my daughter's Question TIA