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  1. mowaiskhalid

    Driving Letter from Saudi Arabia

    hi, did they require attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs or it worked without it?
  2. mowaiskhalid

    Driving Letter from Saudi Arabia

    I got mine from Maroor Sahafa in Jeddah....just told him need taqreer maloomat as saiq and he asked me do you meant rukhsa...i just said yes and he printed it for me...took 1 min...then went on the first floor and signed and stamped by the head of traffic police... i want to know if someone...
  3. mowaiskhalid

    Dubai PCC guidance

    As per the rules, you would not need it as you need to be living in a country for continuous period of 6 months. The system will generate a checklist and it will not be required. However, VO might raise ADR for it so better to have it with you and send with the application in the LOE field. My...
  4. mowaiskhalid

    Wes Online Distance Master from U.K

    It was MSc Professional Accountancy
  5. mowaiskhalid

    PCC issued same day of leaving the country

    It is fine. Don't worry you don't need another one.
  6. mowaiskhalid

    December 2018 AOR - join here

    Hi Guys, I raised a CSE and asked if my eligibility is met, etc. I received the following reply: You will find below useful information that we hope will help understand the process and current status of your permanent residence application. Your application is currently being processed at...
  7. mowaiskhalid

    Cellular Data Plans

    Will the phones purchased outside US/Canada work on these networks or we must buy phones from there? e.g. I have an iPhone from the Middle East region (not locked on any network as bought in cash).
  8. mowaiskhalid

    Eployer refuses to issue a work experience addressed to canada

    try to send your request to HR via email and when they reply that they cannot, print that email. Let them issue the letter to any embassy in the IRCC format and explain in your LOE the whole scenario clearly and attach other documents like your contract, payslips, obtain reference letter from...
  9. mowaiskhalid

    Eployer refuses to issue a work experience addressed to canada

    You can ask the employer to address the letter to yourself with your address and head it with 'Confirmation of Employment'. This should be fine too. IRCC does not need letter specifically addressed to themselves. However, they might not accept a letter addressed to something like German Embassy...
  10. mowaiskhalid

    Is the wait time normal?

    You can order GCMS to trigger the VO to pick up your file and also you will get info on what is delaying the matter
  11. mowaiskhalid

    Flying from a country other than one mentioned as Country Of Residence on COPR

    Nothing to worry about there. Plenty of people do that and they will not even ask you where you are coming from. Even if they do, there is no harm in telling the truth that you moved to your country of origin after receiving COPR and traveled from there to Canada. It is completely logical.
  12. mowaiskhalid

    Deported from the uk

    They might do extra screening for you but if you are honest and explain everything to them clearly, I believe you would be okay with your PR application if you satisfy all the eligibility requirements.
  13. mowaiskhalid

    Ray of Hope 111th draw

    Totally agree with this. Within the last 2 weeks or so, I have read across different platforms of numerous people declining ITAs due to these reasons. Some are just making profiles with expected IELTS scores etc without even getting the IELTS results. This is ridiculous to be honest because I...
  14. mowaiskhalid

    World education evaluation of GCE A Levels

    The easiest way to find out is if you are getting any points for it, then you need to do the evaluation. If no points, then they will come under personal history of your wife and does not need any evaluation.
  15. mowaiskhalid

    Ray of Hope 111th draw

    There you goooo....CIC throwing all the forecasts down the drain...good surprise...happy for all the people who were patiently waiting...
  16. mowaiskhalid

    Do WES accept kaplan online transcripts?

    Yes I wouldn’t do it if I was in your position. Also, when you need to do ECA, WES would need the transcripts etc to be sent directly from the University (Signed and stamped). So you might face a problem at that time. Why would you want to take that risk. Also, have you contacted the...
  17. mowaiskhalid

    Do WES accept kaplan online transcripts?

    Better not to enrol in something with IFs and BUTs. I studied at Kaplan in Scotland around 10 years ago and always had problems with visa extensions and other things due to their registrations and wrong marketing etc. If you are looking for online courses, check out University of London...
  18. mowaiskhalid

    Chances of immigration after 45 years age

    You will get a lot of deduction for CRS points due to age but if you have something like PHd and get CLB 10 in ielts along with your spouse then you will max the points in other categories. Try the online calculator to see what you get and if you are around 440 or thereabouts, maybe you can get...
  19. mowaiskhalid

    December 2018 AOR - join here

    Nopes. I think they are on 8th dec AOR now so still 9/10 days to go
  20. mowaiskhalid

    Which Bank accounts do I need to declare?

    To be honest, this POF actually depends on country to country. E.g. In the UK, they can check a person's credit report and they will find out about all the loans, credit cards, banks etc and if the applicant has hidden something from them, they will raise a query on that. If we take example of...