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  1. Krissh2179

    How long does it take to mail the PR card?

    I got mine in 12 business days. Website says 14. But I would give or take a week or 2.
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    I recommend you double check all details on the COPR and Visa to ensure it matches her official document before booking flights . If presence of any errors, the passport needs to be returned to the embassy for correction. If your wife have a very long name and its shortened on the COPR then its...
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    Congrats Jessie! Safe travels to you after end of process and Good luck on your future endeavours in Canada.
  4. Krissh2179

    Sponsoring wife from Australia

    1. If your wife plans to continue living in Australia, you will be applying through the outland stream (spouse living outside Canada). If she comes to Canada on ETA and decides to continue living there, you can apply via the inland stream or the Outland stream (Spouse living in Canada). Totally...
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    Shock If the change happened after you sent your application or if it happened within a month after you used the last version of the form, you do not need to worry. They’ll accept it. Its ideal to always check last minute if you are sending the latest versions but there is a grace period so...
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    You cannot be Sponsored by your brother. You will have to apply on your own merit through an economic stream like Express Entry or PNP
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    Hey Jesse congrats on the Mississauga transfer. Not far long to go now. I think your security is done by now it it’s transferred to Mississauga. Only eligibility part left. Congrats once again.
  8. Krissh2179

    How to check eMedical results?

    If you are under the spousal sponsorship process, you are exempt from excessive demand rule that can lead to medical inadmissibility. For spouses, they only check for any health condition that is a risk to public safety. Tumour is not one of them hence you’ll be fine. They just ask you to do...
  9. Krissh2179

    Police Check and Passports! Help

    You only need to send passport copies unless specified to send originals. You do need to send original Police Certificates.
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    Why don't they hire more people to handle immigration cases?

    This forum is meant to help out people with their applications and in most cases its people needing help regarding filling forms pre submission and later on people keeping track of each other’s timelines. Everyone replies here by taking out part of their own personal time in assisting so be a...
  11. Krissh2179

    Why don't they hire more people to handle immigration cases?

    Where did you read that express entry is done in 14 days. Its already mentioned above that its a work permit not a PR application. The processing time for PR through express entry is 6 months and like spousal applications, some get their PR earlier than the stipulated time. A Canadian Citizen...
  12. Krissh2179

    Why don't they hire more people to handle immigration cases?

    Like mentioned earlier here, Its your OWN application that is taking time to process, not because of the number of people working at the Immigration Offices. Adding more officers may lead to your file being picked up for processing faster but your Principal Applicant’s Background Check is still...
  13. Krissh2179

    Permanent resident abroad

    Did you ever do your first landing in Canada after you got your PR approved? That’s what he means by relocating. In order to declare PR you have to complete a first landing after which they process your PR card. So you can only have your PR approved from Outside Canada but to become a permanent...
  14. Krissh2179

    Labeling picture

    You can label them like this if you like. Sponsor: xxxx dob: xxxx/xx/xx Principal Applicant: yyyy dob: yyyy/yy/yy Description: Location: Date: People in pic: here just mention common terms for people like ‘xxxx and yyyy with xxxx’s school friends’ or ‘yyyy with his/her cousins.’ For a small...
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    That is Great News. Congratulations :)@candyboop.
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    Don’t stress and stay positive.
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    Hey there. Just wanted to update that I have landed in Canada! The whole immigrating process took 20 minutes for me from the immigration line to exit at Toronto Pearson. Good luck to all who are waiting and hope you all get blessed with good news soon :)
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    You weren’t being negative. The fact that you still acknowledged other’s applications being processed faster as a positive thing leaves out all negativity. This is something that I too feel IRCC needs to look into and that is the fact that all the Visa offices need to have standardised file...
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    Each important section of the spreadsheet is colour coded. So after you receive your AOR and add the date in the relevant column the colour will change to yellow indicating to others you secured your AOR. Same way, for sponsor approval its Blue, For AOR 2 faint red, For decision made its dark...
  20. Krissh2179

    Work permit returned -

    It is the OWP that gives you implied status if you have had any of your other visas expired. Not the spousal application. Yes it not compulsory to get an OWP but its compulsory to have a valid status in Canada while applying for an Inland spousal application. Applying for OWP helps in keeping...