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    Potential case of mis representation

    I have less trust on GCMS notes. Last time when I applied for GCMS notes for my wife's work permit application. The notes came in 6 months after she arrived in canada. LOL...
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    Potential case of mis representation

    Thanks guys. This gives me a relief. My application is in process for 142 days and I don't know when will I get my PPR. So I am a little stressed by whats going on with my file
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    Potential case of mis representation

    I applied for PR and I made a mistake on my profile. I had applied for PR 3 years back very casually and that profile was marked InEligible. In my current PR application I didnt mention that I had previously applied and I have a profile just because I thought it is ineligible profile. Does this...
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    spouse work permit got me please

    Hey VishvaRana, Did you get the notes. Its been 2 months and they havent given me the notes yet.
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    Open work permit for Spouse on Sept 2018

    Hello All. I applied for SOWP for my wife on 15th Sept. I got a refusal. :( The reason mentioned is my wife do not satisfy the condition mentioned in Section 205 - C(ii). Which doesnt make any sense because she is a Nurse and has a govt. job in India. I did give them all the papers regarding...
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    Documents Required for Spousal Open Work Permit

    Hi. I am currently in my Co-op which ends next month. I am getting married in May and I ll be getting my work permit too at the same time. I have gone through the list of documents mentioned by @Ashnasan1. I have one query. At the time of applying for my wife's spouse OWP I will be having just...
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    IELTS Topic Ideas including Books and audio

    Hello Green. plz send me the materials for IELTS. My Email Id is katk.1989 @