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    PNP PR - September - October 2018 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

    My ar: sep 17 2018 Mr: may 2019 Mp : may 2019 Dm: 16 aug 2019 Good luck everyone
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    Passport sent to ottawa 2019 after ppr

    Was it through Express entry?
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    PNP PR - September - October - November 2018 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

    Guys, files are being processed randomly, yesterday 2 of my friends got passport requests and surprisingly their aor were june 2018 and dec 2018 respectively and mine aor was 17 sep 2019 and my medical is being submitted and my status says :-(in process)
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    Fedral processing time

    Hi everyone, I'm from Edmonton, Alberta. I had applied for my fedral permanent residency on 17 sep 2018 and i recently got my medical. So do anyone can guess how much further time i should expect for passport request ??? Please share your views