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    spouse work permit got me please

    Did they mention this as a reason for rejection?
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    No Submit Button?

    where you able to upload Form 5257e?
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    Spouse open work permit for March 2018

    I am applying for SOWP Can anyone of your share Letter of Explanation (for reference purpose only)
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    I am a CA from India also degree holder. My husband is a Civil Engg. We were trying for PR of Canada but due to shortage of points it seems to be impossible to get PR in a year's time. Agent suggested that I (wife) should apply for student visa and my husband can get full time Work...
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    Express Entry in a nutshell

    Very useful post. Will help alot. Thanks. Appreciate your efforts.
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    ECA-WES Evaluation- Chartered Accountant India

    Dear All, I am a CA from India. I got my ECA evaluation done by WES for CA and, below are the results: 1. CA - Canadian Equivalency = Bachelor's Degree (3 years) 2. - Canadian Equivalency = Bachelor's Degree (4 years) How is this possible that CA is recognized as Bachelor's...