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    Students for September 2019 intake

    Just got my study permit and my wife's open work permit approved! Timeline: (applying from Brazil) Medical upfront Online application submission - June 6th Biometrics collection letter - June 7th Date of biometric enrollment - June 12th for me, June 24th for my wife (she's now in a different...
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    Application Upload Error

    I think they solved the problem this morning with the maintenance break. I have just managed to upload the exact same form that was giving me the error message two days ago.
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    Application Upload Error

    Do you have any older versions of IMM1295e?
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    Application Upload Error

    Same problem with the IMM1295 form. I am filling my wife's application and mine (hers is for a open work permit, mine is for a study permit). I didn't have any problem uploading the IMM1294 form (for the study permit), but I keep having this error showing up. I have already sent a technical...