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    Problematic field PR application personal activities

    Hi, Let me know what did do with this. I am also in the same situation.
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    True.. it just the English translation has changed to Filed. But in French, it is still the same Déposée.
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    Arrima Applications - Invited in 2019 by MIDI

    What does it mean "range 900-920" ?
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    How much points do you score?
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    Can someone please help me with - "what is number of the current permit ?" while filling the 'current situation' section in Arrima. I have valid work permit but don't know, which is the number of permit on this.
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    Can anyone please help with - What is current license number on work permit ?
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    Right click on my folder. You should get the option for creating EOI.
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    I believe it should be around 20 October, after 1 month completion of opening of Arrima
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    I am also having the same question. Can anyone please help ? I am on Intra Company Transfer work permit and currently working in Montreal.
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    Arrima - Schooling node

    Hi, I am trying to fill declaration of interest on Arrima portal. On schooling node, there is a question - "Has a professional order of Quebec or another Quebec regulatory body recognized you as having a complete diploma or training equivalence ?" It has option as - 'Yes' or 'No'. About me...
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    CSQ: Area of training section of Bachelor of engineering in electronics and communication engineerin

    Does someone know, how many points are granted for Area of training, for the one who has done bachelor of engineering in 'Electronics and Communication engineering' ? I wish to apply for CSQ but i don't see ' Electronics and communication engineering' explicitly mentioned in any of the Area of...