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  1. z0mbie

    July 2021 - Citizenship Applicants

    Hello, Please add my entry to the spreadsheet Type: Online Location: Moncton, NB Physical Presence Days: 1100 days Application: Single Application sent: July 21, 2021 Delivered: July 21, 2021 AOR: ________________ Thank you!
  2. z0mbie

    Help! I did not immediately get an email that confirms I've successfully submitted my application online.

    I applied online in July and I got an email immediately after I submitted. Like other mentioned, the email landed in my SPAM folder.
  3. z0mbie

    Documents to bring

    This would sound like a smart-ass comment but dont forget your COPR and your passport ;) along with your customs BSF186 and BSF186A forms.
  4. z0mbie

    Canadian resident,US permanent resident importing car bought in US

    You will have to bring the car back to US and keep it there for 72 hours. That is the US customs requirement for exporting the car. Also, there are other requirements. Checkout the link below...
  5. z0mbie

    Proof Of Experience Letter from Current Employer

    Since your employer will not include the job duties on the letter, I suggest attach a copy of your email conversation with your HR to the experience letter and along with a letter of explanation stating the reasons. Check your offer letter for brief job descriptions listed and so use that.
  6. z0mbie

    PR visa

    Congrats on your PPR! Hard parts over. Once you submit your passport along with required documents at VFS office, it will be forwarded to the Canadian embassy for processing. They will provide a single entry visa sticker in your passport and provide 2 copies of COPR. Passport and COPR will be...
  7. z0mbie

    Queries on Canadian Border Services Agency- Using Movers

    You definitely need to do your landing before the truck is at the border. Shipping company only asked for a copy of my passport. I met the truck driver at the customs office in the city where I live and not at the border for release of shipment. you will need to BSF forms, passport, COPR at the...
  8. z0mbie

    PR Card related query

    Taken from CIC Website: I am a new permanent resident of Canada. Do I need to apply for a permanent resident card? No, we will mail your permanent resident (PR) card to you when you arrive in Canada. If you did not provide your...
  9. z0mbie

    About WES documents

    Depending on the country of education, instructions and required documents may change. Use the WES online tool to determine what you need to send. I did my Bachelor's in India and I gave them color copy of my degree certificate in addition to the...
  10. z0mbie


    I believe self assessment is only for Bachelor's degree as the minimum requirement is 4 years Bachelor's Degree. Please do email and check with APEGS if you want to take credit for some of the courses from your Master's degree.
  11. z0mbie

    US FBI PCC validity “For the applicant’s current country of residence, the...
  12. z0mbie

    P.Eng APEGA (Professional Engineers of Alberta) review timeline

    Yes it should definitely help if your degree/university was accredited by the UK Engineers council. Statement copied from Engineers Canada website: "It recognizes the substantial equivalency of programs and...
  13. z0mbie

    P.Eng APEGA (Professional Engineers of Alberta) review timeline

    It all depends on the outcome of Board of Examiner's (BOE) meeting. BOE will probably review your degree courses.
  14. z0mbie

    P.Eng APEGA (Professional Engineers of Alberta) review timeline

    Best place for instructions on how to apply is the APEGA website It is a very long but simple process. Some tips to expedite your application: 1. Start as professional licensee if you have not yet done your PR landing...
  15. z0mbie

    Need info on reliable professional car exporters in US

    I had same problem with my car. Got rear-ended by someone at traffic light. I dont think that makes it inadmissible. Do you know where on RIV website does it say that car is inadmissible after minor repairs. My vehicle is imported, registered & insured in Canada
  16. z0mbie

    Not able to link PR Card application with CIC Account

    I had the same issue with my PR card. Could never get it linked but got my PR card in mail within the processing time posted online on CIC website. Had similar problems with family members but based on the suggestion in other forum, I typed the place of birth exactly as in passport with...
  17. z0mbie

    Need info on reliable professional car exporters in US

    For similar reasons like you, I shipped my vehicle. I used shiplux company. Bcoz the cross border quote was too high, I shipped my vehicle to a US location closer to border and then drove myself across the border. Export (US) & Import (Canada) Paperwork was smooth and painless...
  18. z0mbie

    waiting for the first PR card

    Current processing time is 64 days. Its still early to get your PR card. The photo on the COPR does not need to be signed with DOB on the back. Try adding your application in myCIC account where you applied for your PR card and look for the current status of your card. Follow this thread...
  19. z0mbie

    Re-enter Canada using your COPR?

    Hi...I used this webform Select “Tell us More” Answer questions “Yes” then “No”. The button for webform will appear. Go to the webform. On the form 1. Select “Permanent Resident Card” 2. Select “Permanent Resident Card - Initial Card” 3. In the...
  20. z0mbie

    Shipping personal goods from USA to Canada

    My move from TX to NB was very smooth. Since it was not to Toronto or any other big city, it took them 1 month to deliver the boxes. Nothing was broken or missing. I inquired with lot of companies and they all gave similar price and long moving time as it was a long distance move. Regarding...