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    Thank you >>>>>>>>> Legalfalcon <<<<<<<<<<<

    Hi @legalfalcon What will be the impact of paternity leave on my BCPNP based PR application if it’s 80% complete and I proceed on paternity leave?
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    Did they ask for proof of funds? Or u provided upfront?
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    Generally speaking it doesn’t matter if ur work experience is in a different field than ur edu background. Since u r applying under CEC, ur experience is in canada which means u were not required to have a specific qualification/licensing to be a PTA.
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    >>>>>>>NOVEMBER 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    I would say provide the one from HR along with one from your manager and on top it place LOE that the HR has standardise format that’s why u attached reference letter from manager as well
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    I agree with you on this. They have mentioned admissibility requirements for this pilot as well but it’s still not clear wether one needs to meet these requirements at the time of WP application or after obtaining the 24 months experience in canada. Not a properly explained by CIC.
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    Didn’t show foreign experience in study permit, now want to claim points for foreign experience in Express entry.

    I didn’t face same situation but similar situation where I had to maintain throughout all my applications what I had stated in the beginning. No variation unless you have a justification and the must be explained in LOE
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    Submitted profile without PCC

    U r talking abt EE profile ? If yes, then u wait for next draw and if u get an ITA then u decide whether to submit PR application without PCC or wait for PCC
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    I mean the bank deposits that’s required for express entry. It’s not Express Entry but I heard funds r also needed to be shown under this pilot. They r called the settlement funds.
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    TRV process delay

    Visitor record takes time. My kid got visitor record and then I applied for visa sticker to be pasted on passport. It used to take 10 days before COVID and now it’s 40 days but we haven’t heard anything for 120 days.
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    Cec reassurance

    There’s no need for this to be notarised as per my understanding.
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    Cec reassurance

    U can attach a same person affidavit via web form as well. Just search the sample over forum or google it and type those 3-4 lines and print them on white paper and submit signed copy
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    Cec reassurance

    It’s always better to explain than leaving it at the liberty of VO. U can send one via web form now. It won’t cost u anything except few minutes.
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    TRV process delay

    I applied for my kids visitor visas from inside canada on June 30 after receiving extension in their visitor record. No update so far. Called call centre few days ago and the agent said it’s under process. 4 months is too much. Anyone else in same situation?
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    Home child care provider 2020

    Can a person having kindergarten teaching experience apply under this pilot? If other requirements are met.
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    IMM 0008: National Identity Document

    Are both national id and passports required? If we submit only passport copy, shouldn’t it be sufficient?
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    Primary occupation?

    This is really tricky. If it requires one year experience and the candidate has one year Canadian experience in 2 different NOCs then which one to be mentioned as primary NOC? @legalfalcon may throw light on this.
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    Where is it? I don’t see any. Can you share link please
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    Form IMM 5708

    Hey Canuck Thanks a lot for timely response dear. Just googled things and found temporary residence permits are totally different things. It’s not applicable on my kids. Thanks again. I have to check again via gckey how they r asking us to apply by mail for kids. Must have made some mistakes there.
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    Form IMM 5708

    I just checked the documents and it’s “visitors records”, are they considered temporary permits or not? Sorry dear I have totally messed up things and was about to mess up my case but thankfully you pointed out. I will appreciate if you can guide further.
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    Form IMM 5708

    Are you sure they can apply online? They were issued temporary residence permits when we landed last year. And when I checked using my gckey the system generated imm 5708 for me but when I mentioned I need to apply for kids and mentioned there details the system said their applications can only...