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    PR Application Files Transferred from Buffalo ----> Los Angeles VO from Sep 2011

    please include me in the list too buffalo to LA dec 10,2011 initial application from bufalo sept 11,2011 still no PR received due to PCC problems from Dubai
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    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    do you have any idea if possible to obtain case copy from police without involving the person asked for the copy?there are some blogs that stated the person asked to obtain the clearance from dubai get arrested and appears in court which we dont want to happen too?any idea?thanks
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    Background Checks -EXPLAINED >>>

    I have a question regarding obtaining a police clearance in dubai as my betterhalf left dubai with oustandng debts and now that they are requesting for PCC from dubai we found out that he had a case filed and the CIC is requesting for a copy from the police or court in dubai but nobody once to...