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  1. trinatocanada

    Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA) in Canada (Saskatchewan specifically)

    Sorry just saw this now! I came to Canada with a PR visa.
  2. trinatocanada

    Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA) in Canada (Saskatchewan specifically)

    In Ontario, if you are a foreign trained physio, you can work as a PTA even without going to PTA school. I don't know if its the same in Sask. I was a PTA before I became a PT when I first came to Canada. I was not asked for a degree in PTA.
  3. trinatocanada

    2 year Program Physiotherapists or PTA HELP

    Unfortunately, to apply through FSW you will need work experience in the occupation you are applying with. I assume you are not yet in Canada? If I am mistaken and you are already here, you can apply for PTA jobs right away citing yourself as a foreign trained physiotherapist. All I know is...
  4. trinatocanada

    2 year Program Physiotherapists or PTA HELP

    Hi, it has been awhile since you posted so a lot may have happened since then. I wish I had seen this post sooner. If your husband wants to work as a PTA, he does not need a PTA certificate to find a job as a PTA. A few employers look for the certificate but it is not a requirement.
  5. trinatocanada

    pinoy radiologist or physical therapist

    Radiologists are doctors that require a medical degree. Physiotherapists require a 4 year undergrad plus a 2 year masters degree. I am a pinoy physiotherapist in Ottawa. Are you referring to radiology technicians of physiotherapy assistants?
  6. trinatocanada

    ECA for Physiotherapist (NOC 3142)

    When applying for accreditation, I did not need to send my credentials to either WES or ICAS. All aspiring physiotherapists in Canada need to apply for credentialing through the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators They are the only ones responsible for deciding on...
  7. trinatocanada

    NOC. 3142 - Physiotherapists

    Permanent residence is a requirement when applying for a physiotherapy license to practice. So you will need PR status first before proceeding with anything. From what I know, most province's provincial nominee programs require a job offer to qualify. Please check the CIC website for...
  8. trinatocanada

    I am new here and got a question

    Hi tata, I think polara misunderstood your degree there. You are not a medical doctor but a physiotherapist earning a DPT. Anyway, this is where you will start. You will have to contact the Alliance at first to assess your credentials. I do not think you will have any...
  9. trinatocanada

    Lost COPR

    I have a digital copy of my COPR but not the original. Would you recommend that I send a print out of the COPR copy together with my application? Do I need to show the original at some point during the process? Thanks so much
  10. trinatocanada

    Lost COPR

    Hi, my original COPR and landing documents went missing while we were moving. I have been a PR since 2010. Is there a way to obtain copies of the COPR from CIC? How will the absence of this document affect my citizenship application?
  11. trinatocanada

    One month today, I landed in Toronto.

    I am not familiar with how the IT profession is regulated in Canada so I wouldn't be the best to give you advice on how to proceed. I would suggest contacting universities and just asking them what it would take for you to be able to practice. Most of them are accommodating and will answer...
  12. trinatocanada

    One month today, I landed in Toronto.

    Canadians, in general, are very accommodating. I think this is so, mainly because at one point in their family tree, one of their ancestors was an immigrant. Having very good english skills is way more important than your years of experience in whatever profession you were in. I have met...
  13. trinatocanada

    One month today, I landed in Toronto.

    Yes, hubby and our eldest son has been here now for a year. It was easy for him to adjust because I had already established a home and a stable job before they came. Now we are blessed with a new baby girl, our little canadian :)
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    One month today, I landed in Toronto.

    3 1/2 years ago I started my life in Canada. I had a game plan, a time line. Unfortunately, life gets in the way of plans. But what is important is that you persevere. It has been awhile since I last posted here and for that I apologize. This forum has been the greatest help during my...
  15. trinatocanada

    anyboby found job through internet?

    I found my first job in Canada by cold emailing. I sent out emails to prospective employers asking about the job market and surprisingly some of them replied with offers of an interview. But you must already have permanent residence. In my case, I already had my visa on hand and was just...
  16. trinatocanada

    Parents and Grandparents Visa 2014 - Forms and Information

    Thanks! I heard a cap of 5,000 but that is yet to be confirmed.
  17. trinatocanada

    IELTS Academic vs General

    Hi, I know it states in the requirements that they require the General IELTS but it also states that if you have submitted a language test to CIC for PR purposes, you can do that too even if it is already expired. My question is, CIC accepted my Academic IELTS when I applied for PR in 2009. I...
  18. trinatocanada

    Physiotherapy in Manitoba

    You need to start by sending your documents to the Alliance for credentialing. After that then you will have to take both written and clinical components of the PT exam. Upon passing, you may register to be a physiotherapist to be able to practice in Manitoba.
  19. trinatocanada

    want to know in detail about hwt to work as a physiotherapy assistant in canada

    No, you do not need to go through any additional training to work as a PTA. All you have to do is apply for a PTA job and if they like you, they will hire you.
  20. trinatocanada

    Citizenship Language Requirements

    If you became permanent residents in 2010, then most likely your IELTS results are already expired. They are only good for 2 years after sitting the exams. You may need to take another english exam to apply for citizenship. This is just my take but please double check with CIC.