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    Can family live in Canada and get citizenship without the principal applicant?

    I wasn't talking about doing anything illegal. When you file a tax return, there are lots of expenses that you can claim, lots of benefits that the tax laws give to a resident as well as non resident. I was talking about exploring them.
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    Horrible ceremony experience

    Consult an immigration lawyer and take CIC to court. Keep all your documentation. Claim damages. Some one has to teach a lesson.
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    Can family live in Canada and get citizenship without the principal applicant?

    You can have your family stay here and they can apply for Citizenship. I would suggest that you tell your wife to get some part time job as well to show her intent to reside and get established here, buy some property here. Also once they get their citizenship you can continue to revive your PR...
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    Furnished townhouse Kingston

    I have a furnished townhouse in kingston to rent for 2-3 months. Please msg for details.
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    Record and shame CIC

    Its not my own recording. I came across this on Youtube. All the legalities on one side, but has anyone thought about an applicants rights? If you fall short of 1 day, the applicant is penalized,RQ issued, file dragged. Does cic need to abide by anytime frames? who is monitoring them? Syrians...
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    Record and shame CIC
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    No invitation for oath 8 months after exam

    Lets all write a letter to PM
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    No invitation for oath 8 months after exam

    I had my test Sept 9 in ottawa,,nothing yet...husband got finger print request,,submitted,...just waiting with 2 kids...
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    accommodation Kingston

    Did you find something ?
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    ottawa applicants

    How much time do they give you to appear for a test?
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    Need some help for Housing and Settlement Issues

    Hi Welcome to this forum, can i ask u why u wanna go to saskatchewan?
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    Need accommodation in Toronto

    i have a one bedroom apt in scarborough close to ttc...877 pm
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    PR travelling - Canada

    you cannot land first..either he lands first or both of u together
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    appying for PRTD after uae visa ccancelled

    can we apply for a PRTD from dubai after we cancel our UAE residence visa?
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    How long to get PRTD fromAbudhabi

    im applying for travel document from abudhabi so that i can settle for good in canada....any experiences as to how long is it taking to get a PRTD?
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    Time validity of PRTD

    i think it is one month
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    Applying for travel document (LEON/PMM/Qorax)

    Visa for baby we landed in canada in july 2010 and came back 2010 aug...i hav a daughter born outside canada on oct 2010....our photos got rejected becoz of pic problems.....i want to go to submit new pics in aug 2011 and settle permanently in it possible they giv my baby TRV....then...
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    R u Pakistani CA or u know someone??

    we have heard that CPA is equally accepted in Canada will beneficial for global mobility also.
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    10 months in Canada

    Your hardwork will pay.....Amen