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  1. Malkeet1

    Federal court offers settlement of Work Permit

    Hello every one ...i got 5 refusal for work permit with different reason which was totally wrong decision. I got last refusal on 18 march and after that i decided to go for judicial review then .y lawyer filled application for judicial review on 12 april and after some month my lawyer send my...
  2. Malkeet1

    New Policy for International Students - April 12th, 2021

    What is the link to submit webform for international graduate stram program tr to pr ? We uploaded paystub till 11/2020. We missed to upload latest one. And employer reference letter uploaded dated fed 2021. And in schedule 3 form the date of joing job as a store manager was 2021-01-04 but we...
  3. Malkeet1

    I missed to upload my paystub

    How you filled webform.Is there option to select tr to pr pathway for srnding webform. How you send it. Plz provide the instructions
  4. Malkeet1

    Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019

    Got refused on 13 jan 2020.
  5. Malkeet1

    Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019

    You will get Passport request soon.
  6. Malkeet1

    Work permit refusal with positive LMIA

    Did you describe the job duties and responsibilities in your current employment reference letter ( Experience letter) ?? It should be match with your new employer who offer you for a job in canada. IELTS Score each module??
  7. Malkeet1

    Dubai Police Clearance Certificate Question

    Any UAE number u can enter. You need only OTP.
  8. Malkeet1


    You should also apply for the caips notes with docments. You will know that which docs he submitted at that time when he applied. Caips notes with docs ( GCMS PLUS ) will Provide your complete file including docs, forms which he submitted that time. Make sure you record call or chat history with...
  9. Malkeet1

    Processing time from UAE

    Bro call to hospital official contact no. to confirm if they can do.
  10. Malkeet1

    Processing time from UAE

    No need to take tension bro.. recently my friend submitted his file in India and medical done in sharjah. After 3 or 4 days he got Passport request.
  11. Malkeet1

    Processing time from UAE

    Yes you can give medical in india from panelist hospitals
  12. Malkeet1

    Work permit process from dubai

    Bro u have to wait at least 11 or 12 month if u applied from abu dhabi embassy.
  13. Malkeet1

    Visit visa rejected due to IRPR 179b

    When u got refusal?? Where from u applied ? New delhi? When u applied??
  14. Malkeet1

    SOWP 2020

    No i never had any cnadian experience. Submitted online file in delhi for work permig on 21 march 2020. Experience in UAE.
  15. Malkeet1

    SOWP 2020

    Is they are working on truck driver application?? I submitted my application online for truck driver on 21 march. Is that true that they are working on priority basis on truck driver application??
  16. Malkeet1

    temporary work permit, can I travel to and enter Canada with kid and husband?

    When u recieved correspondence letter?? From where and when u applied ?? Done medical ??
  17. Malkeet1

    Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019

    Submit application on 24 feb 2019 Bio done 27 feb Recieved biometric validity letter on 8th dec No medical from uae. Application work permit Noc 7511 Still waiting for Decision. Any body here who received first biometric validity letter without medical and after got approval or refusal. How long...
  18. Malkeet1

    Work permit processing time delay

    Share your timeline please.
  19. Malkeet1

    Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019

    Congratulations!!! From where u applied ? Have u done medical ??
  20. Malkeet1

    Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019

    Not any update bro.. still waiting