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  1. Ravcat

    Taxes - US citizen working in Canada as PR- What to do?

    Negative, the only thing around here is small tax businesses, that we already asked them, and they know of other people in town that are US citizens that have their taxes done somewhere else...but I guess because of confidentiality they cant disclose their info for us to contact them (and I...
  2. Ravcat

    Taxes - US citizen working in Canada as PR- What to do?

    I am a total noob when it comes to taxes, as in the states we always hired a local lady that did it for me every year, easy peasy. Now I am in NW Ontario, where the local ladies have no clue on how to help me file US taxes. My only option really is TurboTax or some other online program. My...
  3. Ravcat

    Visiting Home With PR-Name Issues

    Thank you! Glad to see a familar face still on the CIC Forum, used to live on this forum haha...
  4. Ravcat

    Visiting Home With PR-Name Issues

    Hello, I have been living in Canada as PR for just under 3 years and have not visited home. My issues is half of my stuff is in my Maiden name and other half has been switched to my Married name. Passport-Maiden PR Card-Maiden Ontario DL-Married HealthCard-Married I am going to go home for a...
  5. Ravcat

    Police Clearance

    Hi there, hope this helps. I just went to the FBI website and there is a DL/Print off of the sheet needed to take your fingerprints, its literally a normal sheet of everyday printer paper with boxes for the prints, at the top is information the officer and you fill out. I personally wouldn't...
  6. Ravcat

    DECEMBER 2014 - OUTLAND Applicants

    Landed 8-7-15. Had a long landing process because the officers were out to lunch or a meeting not sure. Got a officer that seemed to have been in training or first time doing a landing. She had to keep asking questions and had 2 officers looking over her shoulders. We had to go sit down several...
  7. Ravcat

    Form B4 (Goods to Follow/Accompanying List): How to ???

    After reading the guide and pages of peoples posts I still have questions I have compiled my list of goods separated in their proper categories... I am taking 90% of my stuff on the first trip, but importing my vehicle on the 2nd trip with maybe a few items in it. My confusion is can my Goods...
  8. Ravcat

    B4 Forms Questions

    Hi hi~ I am trying to pack and filling out my B4 forms for Goods to Follow and I have a few questions. If I put on the paperwork "50 shirts" and I add a few more after or miss a few are they gonna go through my stuff and be like "you have 60 shirts, but your paperwork says 50"...and I get in...
  9. Ravcat

    B4 Form Guide for entering Canada

    We got ours from Bluecross, they actually had an option for people immigrating...It cost us $240 I think for exactly 3 months. It does not cover anything that happens to you in the USA, you HAVE to be in Canada...we read the little booklet thoroughly :D Id rather have it than something happen...
  10. Ravcat

    Landing in 2 weeks! U-Haul question.

    Thank you Alurra <3
  11. Ravcat

    Landing in 2 weeks! U-Haul question.

    Exactly 2 weeks from today (Friday) with everything going well I will be landing. We have had a hick up in our plans though, my husband was going to get a trailer from his company to haul my stuff, we just found out that they no longer want us to use it on our trip because if we "got into a...
  12. Ravcat


    I am glad that you too found one another, regardless of where and circumstances! Love finds a way! My suggestion would be to just say you met on an online chat room, you don't have to be specific to which kind if you feel that sharing that information bothers you. My husband and I met online on...
  13. Ravcat

    decision made ? still no contact after 11 days now

    I know how you feel! We went from "Received your application" for 6 + months to DM over night. Then we didnt know if DM was approval or ???. Then we received papers in the mail for my COPR. A handful of us had the same scenario. If there was an issue with the application they should contact you...
  14. Ravcat

    decision made ? still no contact after 11 days now

    Just another waiting game they put us through :( DM with no contact usually means you are ok, just hang in there.
  15. Ravcat

    Conditional PR

    The government will try to contact the person that 'left' for marriage fraud/marriage for conveniences requesting information regarding the situation? That is if you mean the spouse was the sponsor? And they had a break up of marriage or something? Probably need more information for others to...
  16. Ravcat

    Received a blank form from!

    Call them...sounds like a scam though or something. Something is not right. My application went from Received to Decision Made, so I never knew they were 'actively working on my application'... They will know if that form is legit or not.
  17. Ravcat

    Landing with Dogs

    Hi guys, landing a month from today, and was wondering somethings about dogs. Do we have to list them on items importing to Canada? I know its awful to think of as dogs as just property/an item but I don't want any issues with paperwork at the border. I have vet records of their shots...and...
  18. Ravcat

    marriage fraud

    Nailed it. Even after the 10 years are up, and the person applies, they are gonna put em through the ringer for sure. Red flag? More like Glowing Waving Red Flag with Sparkling Glitter and a Rainbow Unicorn saying "look at me look at me!"....
  19. Ravcat

    Importing Car Questions

    Thank you guys, that gave me a lot of information to go on! :)
  20. Ravcat

    Importing Car Questions

    Hi, fixing to land first of August, and NOT bringing my vehicle the first go around. I will be adding it to my Goods to Follow, but was wondering how long do I have to import the vehicle, as it might be a year or so depending on the next time I will be down in Texas. If I do not get the vehicle...