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    NOC 4131 - Inputs here!

    Hi All, Thank you for your input. Well I thought about firing the consultant at first but if i do so, they will still charge me some amount of money before they could refund the rest of the amount. Moreover, I still haven't received my DD & Other documents from CIC. Well, this time I would...
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    NOC 4131 - Inputs here!

    Hi All, Its been quite a long time since i visited the forum. Just a bit of b/g of my case to all of you, under this NOC. I have been working as Trainer cum HR Officer in a company in Dubai. I approached my consultant with my case and they happily accepted since my Job Description matches the...
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    Visa office Eligibility Review Complete

    Hi Charmeuse, My status was changed to "Visa Office Eligibility Review Complete" on 2 Feb, and it almost took 3 months to change from "Received by Visa Office". So can you tell me approximately how long it takes to determine that its a rejection. Because so far I/my agent havent received any...
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    Ecas not working again....

    Hi All, Ecas not working again. I hope they are updating the files.... God helps us all....
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    Visa Recd...At Last - Thank God and Thank U All

    Congrats Sanjeev.....hard work always pays off God bless & Hope you have a wonderful future
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    A Roller Coaster Ride.. In Process Status after Rejection

    Hi Puneet, Im not sure if uve applied directly or through an agent. Problem with my case is that, I have applied through an agent and god knows how long these ppl take to update us. Did your status stick to the same on Ecas even after receiving the rejection letter?
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    I jst checked it, its still not working >:(
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    Email from CIC London

    Well depends on when you applied and has it exceeded normal time of 2-3 months???? The reply really looks very weird. Coz anytime you mail them, they are quite professional in replying and with a proper format like Dear Bharath / Dear Sir etc etc etc ending with the signature of the Canadian...
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    A Roller Coaster Ride.. In Process Status after Rejection

    Hi Rocky, Well I am prepared for both. Just trying to convince myself what ever happens, happens for good. Just another query, there are chances that I may receive an offer from a canadian employer. If I reapply with the AEO, what are the possibilities and do you think it may have some negative...
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    Email from CIC London

    I mailed the London High Commission for an update on my case. Surprisingly they replied: "The Immigration Officer handling your file in currently on leave and will be back during second week of march. Kindly check back at a later date." Seems weird to me, but not sure if this is how it works...
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    A Roller Coaster Ride.. In Process Status after Rejection

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me, how long did it take to change from "Visa Office Eligibility Review Complete" to "In Process". Coz my status changed from "Received by Visa office" to "Visa Office Eligibility Review Complete" on 2 Feb 2010. Interestingly, most of the guys say that "Visa Office...
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    Application Delivered No Response from London Visa office

    Hi Drooza, It will take time, atleast keep it a month. It took almost 2 months for my status to change to recieved by visa office. Rgds
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    For Those who have applied under NOC 4131

    Hi Guys, Its nice to see almost all the 4131 category applicants are here. I have a serious question in mind, I am working as a Company Trainer in a Construction Industry, where I train staff on Business English & Communication. When I approached a consultant, they informed that my...
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    GOT MY VISA.....

    Congrats Jigna, Good Luck
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    ''RECEIVED BY VISA OFFICE''------London CHC since Dec, 2009

    Hi Sagar, I dont live in Toronto, my consultant does and the registered mailing address is Toronto. I have applied through an agent in Dubai
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    'Visa Office Eligibility Review Complete' means rejection?

    Hi Guys, I am sailing in the same boat as well. But if you have a track of changes in the Ecas, gradually thats suppose be the next update. Meaning: 1. Application Received by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) 2. Centralized Intake Office Sydney (CIO-S) - Eligibility Review Complete 3...
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    Got PPR after 4 months waiting!!! CHC Singapore

    Dear NN, Congratulation and Gud luck Rgds,
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    Hi All, I have applied under the same category of 4131 - Company Trainer Yesterday my Ecas updated to Visa Office Eligibility Review Complete.