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    Quebec investor program after CSQ

    No doubt they would blame your delay on COVID which has now become the excuse of choice for bad service worldwide.
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    There's gotta be a better way for high income entrepreneurs...

    Realistically you would need to set up in or buy into a line of business you are experienced in. Most programmes are now wp to PR but once you worked to PR I supose its up to you if you wish to stay in business. If I had a ton of cash I would buy a Tim Hortons or a Macdonalds franchise, tons of...
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    Email from IRCC - Does anyone know what this means?

    Hmm, looks to me like it might be just be asking you to clarify your current residential situation! :) Remember to answer all IRCC questions truthfully.
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    MPNP- Business 2017

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    Soft Landing

    As I understand it, on entry to Canada you would need to quarantine for 14 days before returning to to USA.
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    Issue with Landlord (Toronto)

    Good for you on obtaining such cover. Insurance was initially envisaged to protect people from the total disaster of losing everything. Insurance these days seems to have morphed into a kind of social protection policy for the the clueless, witless and feckless, the high cost of premiums today...
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2020

    Family member landed May 20, PR card issued December 20.
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    Road trip to Canada via Car and mentioning the car in 'Goods to accompany'

    I stand to be corrected but it is my understanding that goods accompanying and goods to follow lists only need to be provided when you come to Canada full time i.e you physically settle in Canada which is different to just landing or flag poling to activate simply PR and then returning to your...
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    MPNP- Business 2017

    Congratulations on approaching the end of your journey:)
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    SUV Application From The UK With Caution on My Record

    Under the terms of a caution you accept your guilt. Your immigration police certificate will come back saying "No Live Trace" whereas a clean one would say "No Trace". When CIC get your police certificate saying "No Live Trace" they will almost certainly ask for further information in the form...
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    After submission of new photos how long does it take to get a PR card? My wife's card came 3 weeks after landing but my daughter who landed at the same time had her photos rejected. New photos were submitted and it's now over a month since they received them. I honestly thought they would send...
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    COVID 19 - Alberta International Border Testing Program

    Can anyone share their experience of participation in the program? International Border Testing Pilot Program |
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    Is French essential?

    Out of curiosity, is French essential to make a success of moving to Quebec?
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    MPNP- Business 2017

    Hi, no worries and I hope you hear some good news soon, We landed and had intended to purchase a property and stay but the deal we had pre-negotiated fell through. With things being difficult over there due to corvid we decided to leave after a month. Hopefully the situation will improve in the...
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    PR card - March 2020 processing time

    There is no rhyme nor reason to this problem. Our photographer had checking software with the latest worldwide visa specifications but we still got one person's rejected. Got new photos done, everything was exactly the same and they were accepted.
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    Appeal on Residency Obligation

    I have heard that the success rate is very low on appeal, especially so if you are out of Canada. I agree entirely with your sentiments about returning PRs and I think there should be a PR reactivation process. A fair way in my view would be to allow the expired PR to request a PRTD by...
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    Any physicians to avoid in the UK?

    I don't know about bad ones but we used Medmigration in Manchester and found them very good, I don't think there are that many about TBH, Manchester was the closest to us but still nearly a 300 mile round trip.
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    At which point exactly do i need to to declare my asylum status at the airport ?

    If the situation was that bad for the OP I'd assume he won't be sitting around till Canada lifts the travel ban and will go to any safe country at the earliest opportunity.