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  1. Mapleson

    Havana, Cuba

    There is only one panel physician in Cuba. They only take new appoints on Fridays and the line is super, super busy. You've got to keep dialing back until you get lucky. It's normally a 2-3 week lead time for your appointment. It'll be two days.
  2. Mapleson

    Havana, Cuba

    Yes! If you are counting it from the day of delivery, you should be calling CIC and/or your MP. It's too frequently the case that a file is "lost". Seven weeks is definitely enough that you should have your AOR.
  3. Mapleson

    Havana, Cuba

    You can apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (tourist), but they are extremely hard to get (90%+ are rejected).
  4. Mapleson

    Held up for 6 months at Part 1 process for Intercountry adoption

    Find your MP with your postal code:
  5. Mapleson

    Need Help to Fill Form for Family Class (IMM5768E and IMM0008)

    1) Current Undertaking is this application: Your mother. 2) Include your spouse in question 5, if you didn’t previous sponsor her as a Spousal PR. 3) This would be any dependents that you haven’t sponsored (ie your son is either under 3.B)i) or 5.). Your sister is not financially dependent on...
  6. Mapleson

    OHIP for the applicant under family class processed outside Canada

    What type of TRP does your daughter have? If it’s case type 89 (family), then she is eligible after the 3 months wait period. • you hold a Temporary Resident Permit with case type 80 (for adoption only), 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94 or 95;
  7. Mapleson

    Family Sponsorship

    While the 2017 LICO hasn’t been published, you can make a rough estimate using last year’s numbers and the CPI. October 2016 was the highest since January 2015 at 1.5%, which would set the values up by $365, $454, $559, $678, $769, $867, and $966 for 1-7 persons respectively.
  8. Mapleson

    Pet policy (philipine airlines)

    If you haven't already, I'd suggest you get your dog a pet passport, if you can. Otherwise, you'll probably be facing a long time in quarantine.
  9. Mapleson

    ***Am I eligible for sponsoring my parents in this case?***

    For the first set of parents, they would be ‘Current Undertakings’ for the second set of parents/in-laws, you would include them under ‘Previous undertakings, not yet in effect’. i.e. 3.B)ii) Current undertaking: Refers to the sponsorship application you are currently preparing. Previous...
  10. Mapleson

    IMM 0008 issue

    If your son is the only applicant, then yes, he is the principle applicant, and his details should be in Section1. No, your dependants should not be included in form IMM0008 as that’s the applicants form. You should include them on form IMM5481. As far as I know, 1-888-242-2100 is the only...
  11. Mapleson

    Super Visa

    Sorry, Hasan, that’s mixed bad advice. The Parental/Grandparent Super Visa requires LICO from the “most recent Notice of Assessment” as an option (as you were working last year) or an “Original letter from employer stating title, job description and salary” (if your last year salary wasn’t as...
  12. Mapleson

    Moving from Quebec to Ontario Did you complete the IMM1344?
  13. Mapleson

    RCMP Record Check Request - Question

    No, you don't need a VS check, just Criminal History check. Need to submit digital fingerprints from an accredited company: The...
  14. Mapleson

    PR and time outside Canada questions

    There are two sets of criteria to be aware of: maintaining PR status and eligibility for citizen status. The second is more restrictive: "To be eligible for Canadian citizenship, you must have been physically present in Canada as a permanent resident for at least 1,460 days in the six years...
  15. Mapleson

    Need advice on dependent visa and visitor visa.

    If you wife comes on a TRV, it’s on her own merit. If/when you have PR status, you can file a Spousal application, which is independent of her being here or not on a TRV. However, depending on where you are TRV might be denied based on the obvious incentive to overstay. It's your duty to...
  16. Mapleson

    Declaring goods and landing as a PR - help? B4?
  17. Mapleson

    Havana, Cuba

    If you feel more comfortable with a lawyer, then spend the money by all means. However, they don't have any special options. You complete form IMM1344E and it's Yes/No check boxes, and you're on the right side of all of them. On form IMM5481E you would make it as a "previous undertaking" as...
  18. Mapleson

    Havana, Cuba

    Cuban PR of Canada need B-2 Tourist Visa to visit the US. I haven't heard of one being rejected, as if they wanted to immigrate, they just need to claim refugee status at the border. Processing times can be variable, so apply well in advance or have flexible travel arrangements.
  19. Mapleson

    Havana, Cuba

    This is Permiso de Residencia en el Exterior (PRE) which is now good for 24 months. It was 15 CUC when my wife did it. To clarify, if a Cuban goes back to Cuba each 24 months, they maintain their residency, or else they can get a PRE to stay longer than 24 months to "maintain a marital union...
  20. Mapleson

    Havana, Cuba

    My wife and step-daughter came in October 2015. I'd already booked a flight to go down for Thanksgiving, so I came back with them. You won't need it, but he should have with him a list of everything he's bring with him, plus your address and contact number. You wait in the normal customs line...