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  1. MadeInCanada

    B4 or B4a or both??

    Which forms do we need to have? There will be some personal items, clothes ect. Nothing to follow. Thanks to anyone that replies. Take Care MadeInCanada
  2. MadeInCanada

    Thought this might be interesting to read
  3. MadeInCanada

    LMO approved employer, can the application for TRV/Work Permit be refused?

    If you have an employer that is already approved for LMO and willing to hire you, can the visa officer still refuse the TRV/Work permit? And if so on what grounds? Thanks in advance.
  4. MadeInCanada

    Sending Additional Proof

    I am planing to voluntarily send in new/updated proof for my application. What is the best method? Mailing a package or sending a CSE with attachments or both? Might be over kill but at least I would know they got it. ;D Thanks
  5. MadeInCanada

    About ecas and bio data

    Just a quick couple of questions: 1. What is the bio data referred to with the pictures? a signature?? 2. When looking at ecas, where is says "application received", does that change to in process? Or is it the information that shows after clicking on the "application received" that the in...
  6. MadeInCanada

    immigration news article... Found this interesting.... my mommy taught me to take a look.
  7. MadeInCanada

    issues for inland applicants

    Just reading the news and saw this article....
  8. MadeInCanada

    hmmm So I found these stats regarding immigration. I spoke with a rep at cic who informed me that when they (cic mississauga) got a large enough bundle of applications and or other materials to send abroad then and only...
  9. MadeInCanada

    Uh Oh.....

    So I was going over my applications, and I noticed...(too late) that I wrote in a wrong date. Now all my other supporting documents have the correct one. Should I write CIC to correct it? It is a dumb mistake, that our wedding party was the 2nd instead of the 4th. All our letters of support...
  10. MadeInCanada

    Random Questions

    Okay so I have asked some questions in other threads and not gotten any replies... I am wondering: What a VO would consider "basic" knowledge of past relationships? An application got refused when the sponsored spouse was interviewed and the VO came to the conclusion he didn't know enough. I...
  11. MadeInCanada

    New background checking with US database?

    I just wondered what other peoples opinions of the new database checking that is being set up as well as the fingerprinting? I can see them both as a plus and at the same time a hindrance... The applications already take far too long for most countries, but I agree with the safety aspects...
  12. MadeInCanada

    Interview Questions.... all those who had an interview please add!!

    I have been perusing the forum, after a good deal of comments or questions regarding interview questions I thought maybe creating a thread for anyone who experienced an interview to post what questions they were asked would be cool. That way those of us that may be facing one can prepare ;D...
  13. MadeInCanada

    Paying the fees (one vs two)???

    Hello: I just wondered about everyone's experience with regards to the fee's. Which is better 1 payment or 2? and why? If someone made the choice of 2 payments, do you know if the second can be made before it is requested?
  14. MadeInCanada

    help with appendix c (medical) asap!

    Hi I am just wondering a few things: for the sur name my husband is egyptian and has 6 names what goes where? the phone number, is it to be as dialed from canada or just local? and the visa office that we should put? I know I send it to Missisauga, but it will then go to CAiro, so, what do I...
  15. MadeInCanada

    regarding medical for person being sponsored family

    Hello Everyone :D I have a question about my husbands family with regards to medical having to be done for them as well IF they may ever want to be sponsored in the future. Am I reading this wrong.....English is my native language.....but the wording in these forms leads me to question my...