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    Work permit

    Hi everyone,I applied for an open work permit in feb,I was wondering if there is anyone else who applied at the same time or January and has heard back?
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    Hubby spoke with his MP

    My hubby spoke with his MP today and was told we should hear from CIC in April,if we don't,to call her back! :) Looks like we might get AIP before I get my OWP or at the same time that I applied for in Februaly!!-all in all God is Great :)
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    So frustrated crying wouldn't do!!!!!

    Sorry guys but i just need to vent before i explode!-So i applied to extend my work permit in september but was rejected due to a negative prra results after six years :( :(I was however asked by cbsa to apply for a spousal sponsorship which i did!!My removal order was suspended until the...
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    A few questions,please help a girl out!!!!!

    Hello Everyone, For the ones that have already sent out their applications did you have to write the names on the pictures you sent as evidence?Also,i did my medicals in 2010 but never sent out the forms and am not sure whether its necessary to re do them again now that am ready to send my...