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    [URGENT]Change in parents name in passport and birth certificate

    Hi All, My birth certificate has my father's and mother's names as ’firstName’. But in my passport it has firstName middleName lastName. Will it be a problem. Please help. It's urgent. This is for NBPNP. Thanks, Regards, Bharath
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    Translation of stamps in a document

    Hi, My birth certificate is in Kannada and English. However the stamp on the document is in Kannada. Do I need to get the stamp translated to English? Kindly reply. TIA Thanks Regards Bharath
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    Is full-paid 40 hours/ week internship during my Masters considered as work experience for SINP?

    Hi All, I have done M Tech and during my 2nd year, I have done full paid internship. Can it be considered for work experience for SINP? According to below link it can be considered. Please advise. Thanks, Bharath
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    CIPS licensure for NOC 2173 for SINP

    Hi, Do we need CIPS license for applying SINP EOI? If I dont have it now and if I get an invitation to apply for SINP then will my application will rejected? Can I apply for SINP and i meantime can I also apply for CIPS license? TIA. Thanks, Regards, Bharath
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    how proof of funds is calculated for SINP?

    how proof of funds is calculated for 3 months? lets say, i have 10000$ in Jan. every month i get my salary of say, 1000$. and when i apply for pnp in April my balance would be 13000$? will they consider 13000$ or 10000$?
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    Transcript from VTU to WES

    Hello everyone, Has anyone sent VTU B.E transcript directly from VTU to WES. kindly let me know the precedure? TIA
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    WES stops accepting transcript from students

    WES stops accepting transcript from students (only for India) . Any alternative to WES which accepts transcript from students as i have already received it from my university and they will take much longer now to send it to WES directly.