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    NOC matching

    Hi all, Can someone please help me verify my NOC based on my job description? As back in my home country I worked in a casino, and my job duties are similar to Marketing but the title is "Guest Relations" as the duties below: Establishing and maintaining relationships with customers, VIPs...
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    PGWP extension

    Hi guys, I have a quick question regarding the new policy of PGWP extension. Let's say if my PGWP is expired in 2022. Am I eligible for this application? I am asking because this would help me gain more points as I will increase my year of working in Canada (sitting at 437 CRS right now with...
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    Canadian Work Experience calculation for CEC

    Hi guys, please help me with this, I was employed full-time NOC B by a job agency from July 2019 to October 2019 and then got hired officially full-time by the company from October 2019 until now with the same NOC B (no gap in between). My question is, does the three months with the agency...