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    Scarborough office processing time - Citizenship application

    Hello all, Recently anyone received Citizenship test request from Scarborough office? If yes, Could you post your AOR date? It seems officers from Scarborough office are super lazy.
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    Language proof

    Hello.. I am from India. For the proof of English language, Can i add my 10th class & +2 marks list showing English has second language?
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    Is Landing paper necessary for Citizenship application?

    Is Landing paper necessary for Citizenship application? I don't see it in the document checklist. I heard landing paper is must in Citizenship processing. Can anyone confirm ?
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    Request new photographs for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    Hello Folks, If you got a request for new photographs and waiting for PR card, please add your case here and update this. Landing Date Landing Location Photograph request date Photograph Sent date PR Card Received Date August 26, 2015 Toronto, ON October 20,2015...
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    Is this correct time to buy home in Canada? - Need experts advise

    Hi Experts, Could you please clear my below concern? Is this correct time to buy home in Canada? Prices are almost 50% overvalued & interest rates are low at this time. And what are the chances of interest rates will increase in future? I am not able to take any decision on these. Can any...
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    New photograph request for PR card after 2 months.

    Guys - I have landed on Aug-26. we recieved PR cards of my Family. But mine was missing. So i waited for one week & i called CIC care. CIC care generated the letter instantly & asked me to send photo graphs. I didn't understand why they didn't do untill i ask. I am hearing the similar...
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    Question regarding Landing. Could you answer please?

    My passport is getting expired on May-2016. So i am planning to renew my passport now & then land in the month of Aug-2015? Could you please suggest, if it is fine with new Passport? Thanks,
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    Profile Ineligibility NOC 2283

    HI, My brother has Ielts L7 S6.5 W6 R6.5 And 8 years of exp in NOC 2283 as test engineer. But after submission it is inelgibity? COuld you advice? Thanks
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    Passport request for US citizen

    Hi, PR stamping for US citizen, do we need to send full passport copy or only bio-data page. (since passport is stuck with another country stamping, we are stuck to send full copy) As of now, i have front page copies, is it suffice ??Could you please advise.? Thanks,
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    Can i upfront medicals for new Born baby??

    Hi, I have added my Son recently in my file after RPRF? Shall i upfront medicals or Do i need to wait till CIC confirmation? Thanks,
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    Seniors.. Please advise..

    Hi, I am march applicant. Currently recieved RPRF. Application received date : 03-Mar-2014 MR done : 01-OCT-2014 RPRF Recieved : 30-OCT-2014. My question : we blessed baby on 15-Mar-2014 born in US. And i didn't inform to CIC till now. Could you advise, if this will make any problem in my...