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    Who can win federal Election, which party is good immigration

    I have a question Which party is good for immigration.
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    Will my application return due to this small mistake

    India your DOB citizen by birth current
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    Will my application return due to this small mistake

    I would be worried if there is a gap in five years period Again this is only my thinking it can wrong or right So wait, till AOR But i am so much and much positive to accept your application by Sydney Nova Scotia Wish your AOR soon ( may be by end of June ) Good Luck
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    Will my application return due to this small mistake

    Q11 asking period with no GAP in five years. also need address. But i am not worried i mean if i were you.
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    Move from AB to SK after applying citizenship.

    Thanks for your valuable reply I will discuss with her about both option and if she have any more questions I will reply again your post
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    Move from AB to SK after applying citizenship.

    Hi I wang to ask one question in behalf of my sister. She applied her citizenship may 15 2019 from Alberta Calgary She didn’t get her AOR yet But she want to move SK month of July 2019 because her husband got job in SK So my question is what she will do now . 1. Keep Alberta address and...
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    Please help me urgently

    Q12 B is asking last five years tax history . This enquiry is for my sister. She arrived in Canada January 2 2016 as a PR ( two weeks she was back home for holiday so she has more than 1095 days ) And she already filled her tax return of : 2016 2017 2018 But the question saying last...
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    I am citizen but my baby born outside Canada

    But the new rule said parents have to be Canadian citizen by born as you were immigrant and then got Citizenship So you might can't apply .
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    My journey is over, thanks and good bye this forum

    Thanks for sharing Good luck it will be healpful Your immigration journey was so smooth Hopes so everyone will be same
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    For Super visa do we need purpose of travel letter

    Hi for the Bangladeshi applicant do we need purpose of travel letter. please letter.
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    After DM asking more documents.

    Hi we know after successful test and interview = DM So my question IRCC can ask any additional documents after DM Thanks
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    Good interview or Bad interview ---- any impact on file

    Hi everyone recently i am reading all the people having their test and interview . Many people said interview was good and someone said interview was just ok. I have also seen many people said officer was good and said everything is perfect ( example hamid khan post recently ). Some people...
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    I am honest and telling truth so need your advise.

    Again citizenship support. Ca Is enough for pass
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    I am honest and telling truth so need your advise.

    only one site is 100% guarantee pass. my room mate pass just study 4 days. BUT IT IS NOT FREE.....................
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    February 2018 - Citizenship Applicant

    When did you apply
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    Att Saskatoon office

    Hi any idea how long does it take Saskatoon office applicant from IP to Test My application is in IP since June 5 2018 Your advise will be appreciated Thanks
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    Two COPR which one should present at interview?

    Hi in my COPR orginal entry date was incorrect so I applied amended And received it last year I applied my citizenship and I didn’t add my COPR in my citizenship application package because new check list it didn’t ask . now my application is IP So When I will go for interview should I...
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    Any Saskatoon applicant waiting AOR to IP

    So lucky I don’t get my IP yet I am only the bad lucky person
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    Traveling for 19 days

    Hi I applied my citizenship February 2018 so I only received AOR ( March 2018 ) No IP yet I am going back home for family urgency I will be out of Canada 19 days What should I do Should I inform CIC I could check my email every moment also my room mate can check my mail box Need advise
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    EI can effect badly in citizenship application?

    Hi I applied citizenship in February Just got only AOR not IP yet My question if I go to EI will it effect negative way in my citizenship application Will be difficult when I will have interview after test with officer Please advise me senior and all members Thanks