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  1. Wolfpmd3

    Adding spouse after AOR

    Proof of communication? I think you are confused. That is by no means something you would have to submit when adding your spouse after AOR, that would be part of an spousal sponsorship application. A WHOLE different thing.
  2. Wolfpmd3

    Being let go while waiting for PR

    How did you claim points for arranged employment. Did you have a valid LMIA plus a letter from the employer stating you'd be employed for at least one year from when you become a PR? If so, was this with the company that laid you off? If that is they case you should inform IRCC that you will...
  3. Wolfpmd3

    Am I able to Travel while CEC-EE in Process?

    You have a valid PGWP, so you are legally in Canada. You don't have a a valid Visa. If you leave now, you will not be able to come back until a new visa is issued (irrespective of having a valid Work permit). You can leave, you will just not be able to return. The fact that your CEC...
  4. Wolfpmd3

    Adding spouse after AOR

    You don't need to provide funds, you can but it's required. You'll be asked if you put a value other than 0 when they asked the amount of $ available for settlement. Just upload a brief letter indicating that because of being a CEC applicant you do not require this. That's pretty standard...
  5. Wolfpmd3

    Can my Canadian wife apply for me to come over?

    Spousal Sponsorship - look that up
  6. Wolfpmd3

    How to remove my spouse from My PR application

    Just don't bother doing anything. Since you are the main applicant, you can complete the process on your own. When you do the landing, tell them that you've separated (is that what happened?) and they will remove your spouse to non-accompanying and that person will not receive COPR. Since you...
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    You will be eligible after 52 weeks provided you've worked for at least 30h each of these weeks. That's why 52*30=1560 hours. To calculate your hours towards CEC experience you must not count beyond 30h/week.
  8. Wolfpmd3

    Submitted Docs for Canada PR with CANADA EXPERIENCE CLASS but in india now

    You can be anywhere in the world that doesn't matter. You need to update IRCC if your address changes. Use a web Form to do so.
  9. Wolfpmd3

    Question of Canadian Work Exeprience when Applying for CEC

    Even if you're working for a Canadian employer you're not in Canada which can't count as Canadian experience. It can count as experience towards FSW.
  10. Wolfpmd3

    Adding spouse after AOR

    Yes, however, not necessary. For online applications you are not really required to sign the forms. When you submit them you are basically signing them electronically and are required to enter your name and check a box, that replaces the signing the forms part. But what you did is okay.
  11. Wolfpmd3

    Adding spouse after AOR

    What did you registered last month? If you submitted the birth certificate that is fine. Not that you really need it (you need the marriage certificate for this) and passport. Birth certificates are not really necessary.
  12. Wolfpmd3

    Abnormal chest xray - potential active tuberculosis

    The only requirement to submit the application for a BOWP is to have submitted an application for PR which you have. Hence, you can apply and continue working. However, I am hesitant to say whether your BOWP will be approved or not. I am not sure how IRCC manages these sort of situation when...
  13. Wolfpmd3

    Adding spouse after AOR

    1) Yes, no problem. They'd figure that out anyway. 2) I don't really get what you're trying to say.
  14. Wolfpmd3

    2021 Applying Sponsorship for parents but lower income than Minimum in 2020

    Honestly, no there is no way around this if you don't meet the criteria then you can't, this is very straight forward. I really hope you weren't one of those who submitted an expression of interest and were then drawn just to not be able to sponsor your parents and taking the opportunity from...
  15. Wolfpmd3

    is medical request a good sign for visa??

    Very old post. Yes I did get my student visa shortly after, within 2-3 if I remember correctly. Came to Canada within 1½ months. I've been living here for the past 6 years. Went from a study permit onto a PGWP, currently I am a PR counting the days to apply for citizenship, just a few months...
  16. Wolfpmd3

    Canadian work experience

    You don't need a consultant to tell you that. All it takes is being capable of reading and visit IRCC's website where this is very clearly explained. Since you only count up to 30h/week the earliest you can satisfy the minimum work experience criteria is within 52 weeks. Not 10 months, 52...
  17. Wolfpmd3

    Canadian work experience

    The amount of time it takes to complete the 1 year work experience is exactly that 1 year. If your are working full time (30 or more per week) then you'll reach the 1560 hours mark exactly after 52 weeks (very simple math 52*30=1560). You don't HAVE to apply by Sept, no. You meet the minimum...
  18. Wolfpmd3

    Minimum pay for CEC category class

    I am not aware of any minimum wage requirements besides of it being legal work. However, it does seem strange that as a supervisor you were getting paid basically the same as the staff you were supervising. This may raise credibility concerns of whether you really worked in the occupation...
  19. Wolfpmd3

    Abnormal chest xray - potential active tuberculosis

    Tuberculosis is hardly deadly, at least in a healthy person like you. It's more often than not asymptomatic and there is nothing really to worry about. The really bad news is ghe fact that if indeed you have Tb, the treatment takes over 6 months. Yes, so your PR application will be delayed for...
  20. Wolfpmd3

    Adding spouse after AOR

    It varies especially post COVID. D Don't freak out since they do not have and will not necessarily acknowledge having received the documents. If they did for one it is safe to assume they have received the other ones as well especially if they were sent right after the other. My suggestion is...