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    Full-time + freelance

    Thanks guys! Maybe I should see someone like that. I know my friend told me to just fill out invoice, but I don´t think I can do it without any bussines number. She also told me that if you´re earning under 30000 a year you don´t have to have a company. That seams even weirder. But I´m just an...
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    Full-time + freelance

    Hi everybody! I´m working full time right now and I´ve got offer to do some freelance graphic stuff for my friend. I guess it´s going to be just few hours per month (maybe not even that). But I pretty much don´t know if I have to start my own company even for this little thing. I also don´t want...
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    After visa expires

    Hi guys! Just one visa expires on 5th September and I have to go home to get a new one. BUT the flight tickets are still pretty expensive on this date and the price is going soo down after few days. My question is- do I have to leave right on 5th or do I have some time after that...
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    re-entry for Working Holiday Visa

    Oh thank you so much! My Travel Visa has same date like Working Holiday one that should be o.k. Thanks again, you made my day! ;D
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    re-entry for Working Holiday Visa

    Hi Everybody! Just a little question......I have Working Holiday Visa in Canada till September 2011(from Czech republic), but I need to go home for one week next month because my little brother is getting married and I just have to be there! When I was looking in my passport I found two opposite...
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    advertisements for LMO

    Hi, I´m going thru the LMO thing and here is the situation. I have Working Experience Visa I want to apply for normal work visa.I have a job sice September 2011 and they offer me to fill LMO for me and help me to stay in Canada. We filled all the papers, but I´m not sure if they have to post job...
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    3 months waiting period

    Hi I' ve got Working Experience Vise (for one year) which I can't extend. Do I still have chance to get 3 months waiting period during processing my new work visa? thanks Hana
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    apply within Canada

    Hi, me and my boyfriend have Working Experience Visa and his is ending on March and mine on September.If he will not get another work visa can he just apply for Visitor permit within Canada (and stay with me till September)?
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    lost job

    Hi there! I would like to ask what will happen if I'll get my work visa at them lost my job or they'll fire me.Do I have to go back to my country? Or I have some time to find something else? Thanks a lot for answer ;)