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    PR card question

    What happens if you re-enter Canada from another country and have recently become permanent resident, but don't yet have the PR card? Is there some sort of documentation you get after claiming your PR that you can use instead?
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    Passports sent to London Feb 2013

    Sent mine 5 weeks ago so expecting it any day now. The letter says 4-6 weeks and to contact them if it goes any longer.
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    Please guide about Medical

    as far as I know you can do the exam in any location as long as it's done by one of the designated practitioners on the list.
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    photo's for medical

    this may seem like a very small question but I'm a bit confused. The lady at the DMP told me to bring photographs to the medical, and the image of the face must be between 31mm nad 36mm in length, chin to crown However the instruction guide on the cic website indicates it should be between...
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    Can I take medical exam in Canada if I applied through London?

    I have been called for my medical exam. I applied through London. However I'm in Canada on a temporary work permit. Does anyone know if I can take the exam here in Canada or do I have to go through the physicians for the London territiories?
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    2nd AOR received on August 2010 - Lets network here

    i take it then that if you got the letter about 6-12 months then it's a case of sit tight, but at least it's going in the right direction. sounds like if you get this letter it means you just have to wait until they free up more space to issue visas for your NOC code. I wonder though if it will...
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    NOC 1111 (Still in process)

    I have a similar timeline in the same NOC code with London, was recently told they started processing and got a letter saying it'll be another 6-12 months before I hear again. can anyone shed any light on what this letter is? why is it another 6-12 months now that it's been put it into process...
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    *BREAKING NEWS* - July 2011 = same 29 NOCs! 500 cap

    Presumably they will be consistent with their policy of processing applications based on the most recent set of ministerial instructions. so yes I would definitely imagine July 11 applications will have priority. To my mind it doesn't make sense but no surprises in that and that's why i don't...
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    Breaking News: Changes to Canadian Federal Immigration Programs 2011-12

    It's half and half good/bad. At least they are further reducing the number of new applications. But at the end of the day we are still going to be placed behind all applications post June 2010, including the new ones post July 2011. so we will be still waiting and personally i don't expect...
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    Are you receiving automated response for your emails from London ????

    same as. I sent a case specific query last week, no automated reply. I assume they received my query, if I don't get a reply within a month I will follow up.
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    2nd AOR received on August 2010 - Lets network here

    yes, you're pre-june. at the moment we don't know how long it's going to take, i haven't seen any other mails with the reply above talking about a 2 year wait. I've also sent a case specific query so I'm waiting to hear what they get back with. One thing's for sure, it's not going to move...
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    Mish Mosh

    personally I wouldn't be comfortable without some form of documentation for my stay in a foreign country. otherwise, you are exposed to question marks over the validity of your stay and, like you say, hassle - even if right is on your side. I'm not American btw. appreciate the input.
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    Mish Mosh

    I think this is the relevant explanation to RDub's situation that started this thread. If he transfers from worker to visitor status he will maintain his temporary resident status under R183(6). which means when he leaves Canada and re-enters he will re-enter under the original conditions and...
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    Mish Mosh

    ok, now I understand what you're saying. Hypothetical situation then. Im in Canada, it's past the expiry date on the original visitor record and I don't have a new one to show my new status. I'm pulled over by the cops. they see I'm not a citizen or resident and ask for proof of my stay in...
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    Mish Mosh

    I hear what you're saying and appreciate your input, im just relaying what happened in my particular circumstance. But with respect it doesn't fully make sense what you're saying - that I was admitted with new visitor status but without a new visitor record, i.e. there was no new 6 month period...
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    2nd AOR received on August 2010 - Lets network here

    thank you. well that's an option then.
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    Mish Mosh

    It's not advice, it's like i said - from my experience this is what happened. In my case the previously issued visitor visa remained valid. This may run contrary to what you say are the rules but this actually happened. If you read my post fully you will note that I didn't need any longer past...
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    Mish Mosh

    from my experience the visitor status is not voided when you leave, as I was in this situation last year. you can transfer to visitor status while in Canada (do it online-it's easiest), you will be issued your new documentation and that should show a date on which the visitor status expires. If...