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    PR Card Renewal Application Problem

    It is very easy. it happened to me my PR card was ready to collect but I withdraw due to less days immigration office called me to confirm the reason and I said I not sure about the dates so they approved my withdrawal and I reapplied after 1060 days and without any issue I got the new PR card...
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    PR Card Renewal Application Problem

    Very Simple withdraw your application and submit a new application after 730 days.
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    Leaving canada with an expired PR card?

    Yes if you have not violated the residency requirements and you have US visa then no issue, by land border you can come back by own or rented car. I did same in 2014 and had no issue
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    over speed is a crime or not

    Traffic tickets are Violation not crime.
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    Residency Questionnaire

    If you feel that you made a mistake in calculations of physical presence than the best option is to withdraw and apply again. Withdraw will not affect your new application. But if you have only problem to collect the required documents than sent them what you can gather.And for balance...
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    Can I file Citizenship application if I currently work abroad?

    I can feel that because I stay in middle east 30 years and when I migrated to Canada found lot of surprises and pain but once got a job in Canada than realised that Canada is much better than middle east. Only tax free money attract the professionals to middle east.
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    Can I file Citizenship application if I currently work abroad?

    There is difference after eligible period if you are applying from abroad application from day one will be on red-flag and officer can ask more scrutiny checks from abroad where you are working and it could be more worst if that country is from middle east. This is my personal experience with...
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    Can I file Citizenship application if I currently work abroad?

    If you are eligible yes you can apply from abroad but it could be delay in process.
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    Question 3 - Have you applied for Canadian citizenship before?

    Use same application with all same attached documents(don't add or remove anything) with new date and covering letter of explanation.
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    Citizenhip Application Refused

    They didn't ask me any documents for both applications. I took only advise from the top most lawyer but to apply through that firm was very expensive that's why I applied myself. During reapplication yes I travel 3 times one time for one month and second and third time for few days only.
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    Citizenhip Application Refused

    Yes lot of work and tourist visa stamps my 3 passport were full with stamps from all over the world and due to that I did miscalculations in residency days also. As usual in 2011 after test and interview officer issued me RQ and I collected all requested documents and sent to ICC but in 2012 I...
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    I need help for Q10 PLEASE

    If you went out from canada for any reason during eligibility period you have to tick yes.
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    Citizenhip Application Refused

    If judge has refused it means your application has been closed with negative decision and you will not get any refund from IRCC unless you are going to federal court to appeal the decision. I voluntarily withdraw my citizenship application in 2012 and my case was not with judge but didn't got...
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    Q13 Immigration Status - Can someone who has Middle East Residency Visa help?

    No you should not write permanent resident because all middle east countries issue work visa and IRCC officers knows about it any middle eastern valid visa will raise a red flag to IRCC
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    Address Info Citizenship

    There is no issue if mailing address and home address are different but be careful in application your present home address should be same as on your ID proof.
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    Email from CIC that PR card renewal needs secondary review

    You can enter with expired PR from US land border. Options are personal or rental car and by walking also.
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    Notice of Assessment or Option C?

    From NOA or option C anyone you can send send.
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    Citizenship Applications after Bill C-6

    If Canadian multinational company and your appointment is from Canada then no issue otherwise this is very risky.
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    June 2016 Citizenship Applicants

    Thanks catharines