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    Medical on soft landing

    Hi! Thank you for always helping me out. Just had one more question. I am here only for one month. How do i handle medical in this situation? Do i go for it now and they will count this month in the three month requirement or should i wait for when i am back for good? I am staying with my...
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    Bank and Cellphone Network

    Hello! Just had a couple of questions, hope you can help. I just did a soft landing. i am here until PR card arrives and then will leave to return in 6 months or a year's time. Given this situation, 1. could anyone advise on the best cellphone network i should have? looking for prepaid plans...
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    Biometrics not being updated

    Hi I received my Biometrics letter on 24th Oct. Submitted on 30th October but still I have the 'your action is required' and 'we need your biometrics on page'. My question is did I have to do something additional? I just took the biometrics letter to the center and they took my fingerprints and...