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  1. Aycan1998

    Immigrating to Mississauga/Toronto - Need A Job - Contact Me

    Hi, sorry, the Company I am working for is not seeking IT personnel right now. Although there is an IT Department but currently no vacancies. Thanks for the inquiry, all the best.
  2. Aycan1998

    Landing Experience - Calgary Alberta

    Hi Canadaforall I share the same sentiments. I too am "duking it out" because my daughter absolutely loves Canada. I am making substantially less than I did back home. I am glad I brought lots of money when I immigrated so I can still live a lifestyle similar to the lifestyle I lived prior to...
  3. Aycan1998

    Immigrating to Mississauga/Toronto - Need A Job - Contact Me

    Anyone who is immigrating to Mississauga/Toronto Ontario in the immediate future 30 - 45 days maximum, please contact me if you need are looking for a job with the below qualifications/experience. Job 1: Data Entry ( must have strong data entry skills - alpha numeric of 50 wpm and strong...
  4. Aycan1998

    All About Mississauga

    Hi, yes there are ratings for elementary and secondary using the Frasier Institute Report.
  5. Aycan1998

    Where to stay - within proximity of square one, missisuaga ?

    Lakeshore - 2b/1b $1,100 utilities included.
  6. Aycan1998

    Where to stay - within proximity of square one, missisuaga ?

    Update.....I was able to secure a 2 bed in Mississauga with no request for advance rent. I just paid the normal first and last months. Looking forward to moving in on August 1. TYG!!!!!!!!! Also, I posted an article in Skilled Worker, where it is illegal for landlords to ask for rent in advance...
  7. Aycan1998

    How to Get Canadian Driving License -for Newcomers

    Congrats!!!! that is encouragement for me...maybe I will attempt my G2 exit test ;D
  8. Aycan1998

    Gr8 Quorax and all seniors need help , a tricky question i could not answer

    Part of question 2 - I notice the PR card expiration date begins from the date the card was issued rather than landing date. I originally landed in October but did not receive my PR card until February and hence my five year expiry date is in February..........
  9. Aycan1998

    Rent in Advance Illegal Although written in 2001, the article still applies today......
  10. Aycan1998

    How to Get Canadian Driving License -for Newcomers

    Passed my vision and written test with "flying colors" now I will take a few driver's lessons to get my G or G2 haven't quite decided but I like having the option :D Welcome to Canada and yes motor insurance is expensive. One company's quote was more than the value of the car.....are you...
  11. Aycan1998

    Landing Experience

    Hi AiR, I agree with you it is all about your attitude. Landed last week for final settlement and already I got a lease on a 2 bed apartment in Mississauga. Next step get my kid sorted out with school and get a job and get my G license. I will take a few drivers lessons to ensure I pass. But...
  12. Aycan1998

    Where to stay - within proximity of square one, missisuaga ?

    Anyone had similar experiences, where they had to pay in advance in order to secure housing? How did you guys secure leases without having a job or credit history? thanks
  13. Aycan1998


    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Easy as pie. ;D
  14. Aycan1998

    CIC sent me a letter while I'm not in Canada !!! Please help !

    Yes you can mail the Supplementary Identification form along with the correct photos. It took about three weeks after I mailed my forms to receive my PR cards. Best of luck.
  15. Aycan1998

    finally landed in toronto

    Congrats and all the best.
  16. Aycan1998

    requirements for finance people to work in Canada

    Hi, the US CMA is not equivalent to the Canadian CMA the requirements (programme) are different. So in Canada, the US CMA carries "zero weight". I inquired as I was interested in sitting the US CMA. Hope this helps :D
  17. Aycan1998

    "CO-OP" >> The way forward to your Canadian Experience

    Any Co-op programs in Ottawa :D. I think this is a wonderful way to go!!!
  18. Aycan1998

    Any one landed in Ottawa?

    Hi We landed in Ottawa, and we are seeking to permanently reside there. Ottawa is beautiful....and we absolutely fell in love with it. Although job opportunities are not as vast as Toronto...I will take my chances with Ottawa. Everyone we came into contact with was extremely helpful. Can't...
  19. Aycan1998

    Dependent Landing Alone

    All parties must land before visa expires.