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    Can I drop my middle name on new passport?

    If Citizenship Certificate shows my maiden name: 1. Can I request to assume my husbands last name on my passport without having to do a legal Change name and wont be needing to apply to replace my Canadian Citizenship Certificate? 2. When I apply for a new passport, Can I drop my middle...
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    Does a missing Canada Entry Stamp Warrant Automatic RQ?

    Hi.. I have a test coming up on thursday. I have a couple of missing entry Stamp in Canada Border... I need some advise so i can prepare for the test and interview About me: I worked fulltime for the same company in Calgary for the most time of my stay here in Canada.. I landed in June 2012.. I...
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    Is Fingerprint request part of the process?

    Hi! Im curious, alot of people has been going to finger printing. Im wondering if this is part of the process or just randomly selected?
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    Question: Not putting N/A on other fields that is answerable with YES / NO

    So, I finished my application form and typed them on my computer... (I sent the application today :() --- SECTION 9 is answerable only with YES / NO and i cant type NA there (this section is mostly request for authorization) I left this two blank: - if i reside in quebec, Forward my info to...
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    Work/Education Section

    Hi Guys Just a dumb question but i want to make sure.. I am confused what to write under Work or Education Column If I am working, What should I write? Just the word "Work" or "Employed" or my position at the company where i am working? If I was a student, do I write "Student or "Education"...
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    Help: Address Change

    Hi! is it possible to change address once application is sent? does it complicate things? I'm looking into moving apartment to save on cost. Just wondering if it will potentially delay an application Thanks!
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    November 2016 - Citizenship Applicants

    Any applicants in November may gather here.. :) Please say yo! or post your inquiries/where you at or anything!
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    Advise on Address please

    Hi! Im filling up the form,and im at the section where i am filling up my addresses in Philippines.. This is the scenario lets say Ex: My hometown in Red Deer, and I enrolled in UNiversity in Calgary, I have a valid Calgary address where I am renting and on weekends, or twice a month, I still...
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    Dumb Question: Courier vs Regular Mail / Tax Owing

    Any difference? Advantage or disadvantage? I also filed for the last 4 years of my Tax... but I still have $800 payable that i'm trying to settle within two months. does that affect my application if I have balance owing?
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    Interview Questions

    Hi Guys, What are the usual quetsions during the interview? are they generic?
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    Passport Renewal in Vancouver

    Hi guys, How long does it usually take for you guys to receive your Philippine Passport renewed in Vancouver? I renewed my passport in Vancouver last Oct 7, and until now, I haven't got my passport yet :( It's been 8 weeks and i kept on checking the tracking number but to no avail. :(
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    NEED ADVICE: Reapplying for B2 UD VISA after 1st rejection

    Hello everyone, I'd like to ask about US Visit Visa again. I'm landed PR. I applied last November for a visit visa and was denied due to 214b. I'm a Canadian PR (5 months landed immigrant at that time) It was my 1st month at my job as a dayhome director and I had a bf in Orlando back then...
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    TRAVEL: Non Immigrant Visit Visa to USA (Advice after refusal) - Canadian PR

    I applied for a visit visa and got denied 2 days ago, Im only 5 months as PR (got through sponsorship), 2 months in my full time job. has two sisters and parents as permanent residents. my only catch is, I have an american bf, the consul didnt tell me why i got denied, he just denied me for...
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    Canada PR wants to apply for a US Tourist Visa (chances?)

    I'm a new landed permanent resident, running 6 months to be exact. I came to Canada through parental sponsorship. I have my parents and 2 sisters here. I have a full time job as a pre-school director, and the house where I live and work has all the utility bills under my name. Gas, electricity...
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    PARENTS: PPR + MR + RPRF (received December) Manila Visa Office

    Received a letter for our PPR, MR and RPRF payment in one letter last december.. :) let's connect here please... My timeline: Feb '10 -- Sent to CIC Manila April 10 -- AOR -- Asked also for additional requirements MAY 10- Sent Additional Requirements DEC 13 2011 --- PPR & Medical Request +...