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    Deck officers noc2273

    does anybody have idea about noc 2273 about the certificate of competence the require?
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    Merchant navy deck officer noc2273

    Does anybody have An idea about noc2273 , about the certificate of competency they require?
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    Passport return

    my visa was refused on 15th oct but still haven’t got my passport back , any idea how long they take to return passport
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    Sep application, Délhi v/0

    Any body got decision from Delhi who applied in September?
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    August third week Délhi v/o

    has anybody got update who applied in third week of August?
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    Sep 2018 timeline Délhi visa office paper based

    hi any body applied in September 1st week& Got any update ?
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    HI I am applying for a visitor visa from INDIA, which application forms should i submit? 1) 5257e 2) 5484e 3) 5707 is there any other form which needs to be filled, what is schedule 1? plz help , thankyou
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    HI Can i apply visitor visa under can+ progaramme from INDIA a) i have valid USA visa (b1/b2) & (c1d) , not travelled to US b) have not tavelled to CANADA before.
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    HI myself working working in merchant navy, i want to apply for visitor visa to meet my brother who is studying in canada as an international student from india. i want to apply along with my parents , mother(retired school teacher, father retired from indian army), just bit confused that...
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    HII I want to apply for an visitor visa for me & my mother from india , so can i get an invitation letter from my brother who is studying in canada ( just bit confused as he is just an international student on student visa).
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    HII I am working in merchant navy (water transport) as third mate which noc standard does it comes under, in FSW
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    HI I am from india working in merchant navy , my brother is studying in canada as an international student , me & my family(mother & father) wants to apply for an visitior visa to canada for meeting him , should we apply all three us together or we should we apply separetely for positive...
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    hiii does it makes a difference in decission , if i apply online or paper application for visitor visa from india? which i process is easier Or u reccommend
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    visitor visa

    hii i want to make an visit to my brother( indian) , who is studying in canada as international student , for vaccations, myself working in merchant navy, what should i mention my purpose of visit , should i select visit catagory or tourism from subcatagory of visitor visa