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    Transportation from airport

    Looking for a cheap transportation from persons airport to our furnished apt with a four year old and 4 big bags.. Any ideas??? Do we have to request a car seat?my son is over 18kg
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    Anxious movers

    Dear members, We are making the big move back to Canada. My husband did a short landing in 2014 and my family sent his pr card to him. Since then we did not return to Canada. My husband is "worried" that something could affect his ability to travel to Canada. He's not done anything wrong for...
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    Using OHIP in Calgary until 3 months are up?

    My son and I are Canadian citizens already holding OHIPs from Ontario, We are planning to go to Alberta in the next few months. My husband is returning to Alberta as a PResident but never held a health care insurance from any other province. I know for him he will be eligible from day 1...
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    Landing in different province?

    Good day, My husband got his PR card back in 2014 from Toronto. We landed there and left afterwards. Now we are planning to come back, can we land and settle in Calgary instead? Or does it have to be the same province as landing? On that note, can I use my TD account in another province other...
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    Driving Letter from Saudi Arabia

    I need some advice.. My husband has a license from Saudi Arabia for almost 3 years. If we decide to directly head to Canada from Saudi Arabia .. where can we get this letter of driving experience? I have researched many websites and Ministry of Interior however I cannot find out where to get it...
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    Calgary or Ottawa

    Where could you most likely find a job in the financial sector Ottawa or calgary?
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    documents needed for work?

    Good day, what kind of documents do employers look for when hiring foreigners? transcripts? degrees? reference/experience letters? for the financial sector and banking.. any advice? we are gathering our documents to come to Canada but we do not want to miss on anything that would be relevant to...
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    Landing in Calgary - which location is best?!

    Hey! Our move to Canada is coming up quickly. We are landing in Calgary. Need some advice on renting on airbnb, is it legit? Better than hotels/motels? Anyone landed in YYC to give us some advice on transportation from airport to our accommodation. We have a 4 year old... do cars come with...
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    returning citizen

    I am a Canadian citizen going back to Canada in the next few months with my family. I havent done 3 years worth of taxes since I was not a resident . What are the steps I must take to do my previous years taxes? I know nothing about taxes so Im very clueless in this subject. Also I want to...
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    Good day, I am currently looking for a banking job,, I am already a PR holder and eligible to work in Canada... looking for positions in associate, officer, credit analyst. I have 10 years experience in the Middle east.. Destingation cities between Toronto and Calgary. Any advice or suggestions...
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    RBC Accounts

    I will be landing in spring 2017 and would like to open a bank account with RBC.. How can I contact them other than phone? Ive been on their website numerous times but cannot figure out how newcomers open accounts and transfer money before they arrive to Canada. Any help?
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    Checking the cic website

    Can I check my status in Canada even after I have done landing 2 years ago? I am asking because I plan to comeback to Canada for good and I want to make sure I do not have any problems at departure to Canada. I have tried to log into the cic website where you enter your Cuisine number and...
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    Canadian Securities Course

    Has anyone taken the CSC course to get in the banking field in Canada? I heard it is very helpful to inquire information on the Canadian market for those who are in the financial field. I am in corporate banking as a relationships manager over 10 yrs experience. Will this course help? Or is it a...
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    Drivers License

    Good day, I was wondering, what is a RTO? Where in the country of residence can I get the letter for my drivers license stating that I have been driving for more than 2 years on good record? I am in Saudi Arabia currently and I also have a drivers license from Jordan for more than 10 years. My...
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    Heading back to Canada

    HI everyone I need some advice. I am a born Canadian citizen raised in Toronto. I left the country in 2012 after I got married. I sponsored my husband and he did his landing in 2014. Now after 2 1/2 years of working in KSA we have decided its time to head back and get settled. We have been...
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    Applying for jobs

    How can we apply to jobs from outside canada if the majority of applications online require a canadian address???
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    Need advice on filing tax

    Im a canadian citizen and my husband is a PR. He became PR in 2014 landed and left for a new job in KSA. Now we are both living there. We have read that its important for new residents to file their first tax however he did not stay more than 1 month in canada and we dont plan to be back for a...
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    husband coming back to canada

    My husband landed in march 2014 and recieved his pr card and left. Now hes coming back for good in a couple of months. I know he did his landing procedures the first time but what is different this time when he lands? Where does he go when he lands in toronto? Do they need anything else besides...
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    cell phone prepaid plans

    What is the best (other than rogers telus and bell) company to buy prepaid phone and sim card once i get to toronto? Fido or koodo or wind? I have my phone unlocked i just need a sim card with data package
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    husband landing without his sponsor

    Hey everyone.. My husband did his landing last march and then left. He recieved his pr card and now we are planning to move back for good. I am traveling back to toronto without him. My question is do i have to be present with him to land and does he need any other documents other than his pr...