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    looking for Cross Border Accountants. Need help

    Hello, I'm looking for Cross border accountants. Please suggest someone trustworthy and affordable. Thanks in Advance!! Krish
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    Canada PR holder with US H1B Visa working remote from canada

    Hello, I would like to know if there will be H1B extension issues if the H1B holder is working remotely from canada for the US client and getting paid in USD. The taxation part is partly clear as we would need to file as a non-resident alien in US and then report the same to CRA. But since, H1B...
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    Canada PR Holder on H1B Visa working remote in Canada

    Hello, I'm a Canada PR holder and having US H1B Visa. Working for a US company on H1b visa remotely from Canada since February 2020.. Does it impact my Tax filing/H1B Extension & Green Card processing.? Anyone in the same boat, please reply. Thanks, Krish
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    PR Travel Document

    Hello, I applied for the PR Card at the Port of Entry Immigration. I got the request for resubmission of the photos since it does not meet the requirements. Now, i have to travel outside Canada in Jan 2nd week and if i don't get the PR card by then, i guess i need to apply for the PR Travel...
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    Nexus Card eligibility

    Hello, I'm in US on H1B visa for more than 12 yrs and got the Canadian PR recently. I'll be moving to Canada. Am i eligible for Nexus card with New Canadian PR & 12 yrs of US H1b visa? Thanks, Krish
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    Nexus Card eligibility

    Hello, I'm in US on H1B visa for more than 12 yrs and got the Canadian PR recently. I'll be moving to Canada. Am i eligible for Nexus card with New Canadian PR & 12 yrs of US H1b visa? Thanks, Krish
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    Express Entry New Immigrant PR Card

    Hello, 1.Where do New Immigrants apply for CANADA PR Card? 2. Currently, whats the processing time for getting the Card ? 3. Where do we apply for the SIN number/Card? 4. Can we travel back to USA immediately (may be after couple of days) after applying for the PR Card? 5. How to travel...
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    Passport submission from a different country

    Hello, We got the email to submit the passports within 30 days to Canada consulate in New delhi ..Actualy i'm in US and my wife & kids in india..My wife is a primary applicant..The mail mentions to submit the passports to indian office in 30 days... Please help me with the process to submit the...
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    Ready for Visa / Prêt pour Visa (CPCO-FinalRequest / CTDO-DemandeFinale (CIC)

    Hello, we got the below email..What does this mean? From: CPCO-FinalRequest / CTDO-DemandeFinale (CIC) Subject: Ready for Visa / Prêt pour Visa This is in reference to your application for permanent residence. To finalize your application, we require: 1) Passports VFS is our trusted...
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    Education Evaluation - Private Career College Qualification

    Hello, Masters degree was evaluated as "Private College Qualification" but not mentioned exactly as "Diploma" or "Certificate"..We even have Engineering Bachelors degree..So what should we enter in education? 1. 2 or more degrees (one of them 3 yrs or more)..Considering Private career college as...
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    Digital Photo post ITA

    Hello, Anyone from san francisco, California who applied for Canada PR please help me where can i get the Photo in SFO..I've been to several places but they said they don't do it for Canada. Thanks, Krish
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    Hello, Do we need to get the Medicals post ITA when submitting all the documents or do we need to wait for the response from CIC after AOR / during other steps. Also, Are the medical tests necessary for the Minor aged 8 years and infant few days old? Please advise Thanks, Krish
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    Dec 12th 2018 ITA

    Hello Guys, Dec 12th 2018 ITA Guys please join this group
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    Express Entry - ITA Dec 2018

    ITA Dec 2018 EE PR candidates
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    Nov 28 ITA - CRS 445 - Tie breaking rule Oct 22nd 2018

    Hello, Our CRS score is 445 and We entered the Pool on Nov 28 2018 12:15 AM...I know as per the Tie Breaking rule, the last candidate will be the one with CRS 445 entered the pool on Oct 22nd 2018. But, we have only 3 and half months for our points to go down by 5 points if we don't get the ITA...
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    Express Entry Profile creation help

    Hello, 1. I'm creating the ER Profile and i could not find the section for the children's details. I only saw the number of dependents and the funds to be carried to canada..Is it common..Please advise 2. B.E was evaluated as Bachelors..So, i can select bachelors for this. Masters Degree in US...
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    Express Entry Profile

    Hello, We entered the B.E (Bachelors of Engineering ) And Masters which are evaluated in Express Entry Profile. Do we need to enter the Schooling and 10+2 Details too ..? or can we just ignore them in the profile since they are not evaluated. We got even the Computer course certificates. Should...
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    CRS score decrease after ITA

    Hi, My wife gets her 3 years experience in december and we have 445 points with that. We are planning to enter the Pool in December. Our points will go down by 5 points in March 2019 if we don't get ITA by then. So, what are the chances of getting ITA in December 2018 or Jan 2019? Please...
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    Indian PCC

    Hi, I got the Indian PCC 11 months ago from indian embassy in USA. I never travelled to india in last 5 years. I'm planning to enter the pool next month. Can i use the same PCC or do i need apply for new.? Please advise. Thanks, Krish
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    Can anyone damage the PR profile?

    Hi, We initially planned to apply through a canadian immigration agent but found him to be not genuine as he was asking to fake several things. So, we avoided him and had a quarrel with that guy since, he was not refunding our money. We have a genuine profile but we are worried if he will spoil...